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My Role as CEO

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One of my most fundamental beliefs is: the universe is always conspiring for my highest good.   Sometimes, that means things happen in my life that I would never choose.  I call these dark moments.  These are the things that I want to run away from, refuse to participate in or ignore.   What keeps me afloat in [...]

How to Take a Worry Free Vacation

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If you won a free 30 day vacation to Fiji, could you leave tonight? 99.9% of business owners would have to pass up this vacation of a lifetime simply because their organization is too dependent upon them for survival.  Owning your own business is a high stakes game, and with great risk shouldn’t you also receive [...]

5 Great Support Resources for CEOs

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Being a business owner can be lonely business.  If things aren't going according to plan many business owners inadvertently take the stress from the office and let it permeate their home. As the leader, some problems are appropriate for  your employees, but often some problems need to be held close to the vest. You non-business owner friends live [...]

Are you a CEO or an Activity Junkie?

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Studies show that 80% of your bottom line is a function of just one thing, executing with focus on a clear business strategy.   However, most CEO’s are so busy with email, phone calls, and interruptions they have little or no time for strategy.  We allow ourselves to become activity junkies! It is easy to be [...]