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Business or Pleasure?

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We all work hard to earn a dollar, but working hard can payoff when it comes to travel.  Have you ever been lucky enough to have a conference in Hawaii?  Ever wondered if you could add extra days to be able to tour the beautiful area and still have it be considered a business trip?  The [...]

5 Steps to Purposefully Changing Any Habit

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It was time for my first hire. I had no HR skills, and I was terrified. A leap of faith later, I had hired an Assistant for 15 hours a week, $10 an hour, or $150 a week!  At the time this was an enormous amount of money.  I spent more than one night tossing and [...]

It’s About More Than Taxes

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It is officially everyone’s favorite season of the year. No, I am not referring to one of the traditional four seasons; I am, of course, referring to tax season. It seems that every time tax season comes around, people tend to go into a frenzy. A slew of questions always arrive at this time. “How much [...]

Lessons in Transparency from Dr. Christopher Turk

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I am a Scrubs fanatic. I have seen every episode at least 5 or 6 times. It is my blankie at night. I throw on whatever episode is next in the queue and giggle myself to sleep. I find myself seeing new things every time I re-watch the series, and last night was no exception. I [...]

What does Sitting by the Creek have to do with Your Business?

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Have you ever been on vacation when a terrific new idea for your business just popped into your mind? Do you have your best ideas first thing in the morning, in the shower? Do you get solutions to your most challenging dilemmas when you least expect them? The truth is that our brain works best at [...]

Health-Care Reform: How Does It Affect Businesses?

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In March of 2010, President Obama signed two pieces of legislation into law, implementing the most pervasive health-care reform since Medicare. Many of the reforms that relate to business and employers don't take effect until 2014. Here are some of the important highlights of health-care reform from the perspective of employers and businesses. Health insurance not [...]