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Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | January 2018

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January is often the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  In fact, in January 2017 there was a European cold wave that hit a lot of Eastern and Central Europe.  Greece was blanketed in unusually heavy snowfall.   Santorini, which typically has Mediterranean weather, was covered in snow causing transportation delays. This is great [...]

One Secret Strategy That Will Rock Your 2018

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October is one of my favorite months.  Cool nights, warm days, little rain.  The crunch of the leaves as I hike the woods makes me happy.  The air smells good and the southernly tilt of the sun makes for interesting natural art as the leaves turn golden yellow or red. I spend as much time as [...]

What Are Your Summer Plans?

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People either love or hate April.  I personally like it for a few reasons: busy season is over, my refund check is in the mail, and the weather is changing.  Not everyone gets to share in the same experiences as me since their busy season might be different, they may owe come tax time, or they [...]

Planning Your Financial Future

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Let’s take a few minutes to discuss personal financial planning – or as we call it Prosperity Planning™.  When we take a step back for a minute it is quite astonishing to think of everything we plan for.  We make plans for dinner, lists for the grocery, and schedules for kitchen duty at the office.  Kids [...]

How to Survive the Upcoming Wedding Season

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Weddings, in general, are expensive.  Sorry parents and young couples of the world hosting an extravagant party this summer, but there is little you can do now to save money.  Instead, I am talking to those who were invited to your wedding and have yet to get wedding gifts.  These people still have a shot! Group [...]

Today’s Forecast Calls for Sales

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In today’s society, everyone seems to be obsessed with sales.  While sales may not be the most important number on the financial statements, it is definitely the most emphasized. Yet few people actually use a tool to help them forecast their sales. So what’s the big deal with forecasting sales? For starters, forecasting sales can help [...]

Cash is King

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“Cash is King” is an expression that is widely used in analyzing businesses. Why is it something that you, as a business owner, need to manage? Well, without cash you could not do the things required to stay in business, for example, purchase inventory or pay your employees. A lot of business owners only concentrate on [...]

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

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On November 2, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, legislation that raises the federal debt limit and establishes the framework for a two-year budget deal. The legislation, needed to avoid an impending default on U.S. debt, also contains multiple unrelated provisions, including an elimination of two Social Security retirement benefit [...]

It’s all in the Budget

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It’s mid-September and most would think that it’s too soon to think about planning for next year. However, this is the perfect time to start preparing, because budgeting can be a challenging task as there are many components to finalize. Let’s face it: most of us do not enjoy budgeting, but it is a very important [...]

Back to School & Back on Budget

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As summer draws to a close and kids get back to school, it’s a good time to dust off our personal finances.  You aren’t alone if summertime has had you paying less attention to your bottom line. For many folks it’s not uncommon to get a bit out of touch with spending. Vacations, trips to the [...]