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Greece, China, Interest Rates! What is an Investor to do?

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Let’s take a few minutes this month to talk about portfolios and asset allocation. I bet you just thought to yourselves “Wow, what an exciting topic!” Maybe not, but with all the news dominating markets this summer, I think it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves of some very wise investment rules and strategies.   If you [...]

Miss our Asset Allocation Basics webinar?

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The second webinar in our Healthy, WEALTHY, and Wise Women series is now available. Watch it whenever and wherever you want. Mackey McNeill, CPA, PFS, IAR will review some basic investment knowledge including: How to eliminate worry  What is risk, and how to determine how much is too much How to be prepared for market fluctuations What [...]

Asset Protection for Women — Part 2

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Why is asset protection planning important for women?  Women, now more than ever, need to consider asset protection planning because: Women live longer than men and will likely need their money to last longer At some point in their lives, women may have to manage their own finances due to divorce, widowhood, or remaining single Many [...]

Asset Protection for Women — Part 1

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If you haven’t done any asset protection planning, your wealth is vulnerable to potential future creditors and, should the worst happen, you could lose everything.  Of course, that is a “worst-case” scenario.    Lawsuits, taxes, accidents, and other financial risks are facts of everyday life.  And though you’d like to believe that you are safe, misfortune [...]

What is an Asset Allocation?

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This month we are going back to the basics with a refresher on the topic of asset allocation.  If you are not an investment advisor, it may be a term you are unfamiliar with, especially if you don’t engage with an advisor to manage your assets. You won’t hear asset allocation discussed much on CNBC and [...]