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Avoid the Scams

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Fraud takes many forms and scams have been around for a long time.  With the emergence of the internet and social media, it’s become much harder to identify who is legitimate and who is the fraudster.  Even the brightest students and their parents can fall victim to the schemes of scammers.  Avoiding scams requires constant vigilance in [...]

Beyond Financial Aid — Let’s Talk Loans

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Financing college tuition, fees and expenses can be daunting.  However, taking advantage of student loans may help lighten the financial burden.  There are several type of loans available, both good and not-so-good.  Primarily, students can get access to Federal student loans and/or private student loans. Typically, Federal student loans offer borrowers lower interest rates and have [...]

Leveraging Your Business to Fund Your Child’s College Education

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If you have children and are following this blog series, there is a good chance you are actively planning to send your child (or children) to a college or university. Finding ways to save for college can be daunting but if you work at it, you can find not only ways to fund their education but [...]

Financial Aid Planning – Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

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As you choose a plan to help save for your child’s education, you may also want to find out how financial aid can help you pay for higher education costs. The prospect of paying for college may seem intimidating, but with proper planning, it doesn’t have to be. How much of your child’s tuition are you [...]

6 Ways Your School Guidance Counselor Can Help You Get Into College

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A high school’s guidance counseling department and the programs they support are critical resources for both the student and their parents in preparing for college. School counselors are highly trained professionals who typically have advanced degrees. While each and every high school is different, the National Office for School Counselor Advocacy has defined 8 essential elements [...]

College Planning — Have the “Talk”

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The “Talk” being the discussion with your child on what they want their future to be and how to get there. Not just one talk, but multiple conversations about hobbies, interests and college. Choose an appropriate time and location for having these discussions. It will typically be when the child chooses to talk to the parent. [...]

College Planning — 7 Steps to Keep Your Money & Your Sanity

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One of the most financially savvy gifts a parent or guardian can give their child is to send them to college. Even with student debt, the difference in a college graduate’s lifetime earnings vs that of someone with only a high school diploma is substantial. This wage difference spread over 40+ years in the work force [...]