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Good News for 529 Plan Savers

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Call it a holiday gift. Thanks to legislation passed in December, beginning in 2015, owners of 529 accounts will be able to change the investment options on their existing plan contributions twice per calendar year instead of just once. This increased flexibility is a welcome option for parents and grandparents who use 529 plans to save [...]

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Evaluate Investment Costs In College Savings Plans

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reposted from US News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel College savings accounts come with a price. When parents compare prices on 529 plans, tax-advantaged college investment accounts, they're looking at what are known as average costs. The average cost represents what the average investor pays, but there a lot of choices within 529 plans that can cause [...]

Consider 3 of the Safest Investments Within 529 Plans

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Savings accounts, CDs, and money markets can offer stability for parents of future college students. reposted from U.S. News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel, September 19, 2012 For parents, one of the scariest aspects of investing in a 529 plan, a college savings account with tax benefits, is taking a risk with money used to fund [...]