Mackey Advisors offers comprehensive services to help small business owners monitor, analyze and predict what is going on in their business. Let us help you build accountability and engagement and ensure your financial future stays on track.

Budget & Forecasting

Understand your cash flows and expenses and be empowered by them. Whether constructing a set budget from which to work or simply understanding where money is being made and spent, this process builds a clear picture and enables you to spend, reinvest and save consciously.

Financial Monitoring (for Accuracy and Accountability)

Create accurate and meaningful monthly financial reports. We will work with your internal accounting team to reconcile key accounts, review bank and credit card statements, prepare financial management tools and provide a summary of observations and recommendations.

Small Business Bookkeeping

We help you free up more time to spend  growing your business rather than entering data and crunching numbers. Trust in us to keep everything in line and running smoothly.

Insurance Review

Businesses are often over or under insured. An insurance plan will outline how much insurance you need to protect your business and determine what types of insurance will work best to achieve that goal. Insurance is a financial commitment that should protect your future while not derailing other financial goals.

Tax Planning

The only thing more complex than insurance is the tax code. Many Americans leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because they have not adequately assessed their tax liability. Don’t be one of them.

Tax Preparation

We double and triple check our tax returns to make sure that your return will be accurate. Our tax team is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the year, and we will sit down and explain your return when complete.

Mackey Advisors also offers The Prosperity Experience® for Individuals, a life-by-design process for individuals, couples and families. To learn more about this service please visit our Facebook page.

Prosperity Experience® for Individuals