Success Story

The Prosperity Experience® for Business

Furlong Building Enterprises

In the 18 months that the Furlong Building Enterprise’s team has been working with Mackey Advisors, they have continued their exceptional growth while increasing earnings and finding a better work life balance.

Annual sales increased by 80%
Annual net income grew by more than 1000%
Return to Owner increased by 2200%
Equity increased 300%

The Challenge | When Furlong partners Jude Hehman and Pete Nicolau founded their design-build construction business, they became an immediate success. With a foundation rooted in an open, transparent process of estimating and construction delivery, Furlong was growing by leaps and bounds. With their explosive growth, the partners quickly realized they needed a better handle on their company’s financial performance and bottom line.

The Solution | The Furlong team partnered with Mackey Advisors to:
• Build their internal financial expertise
• Create a comprehensive tax strategy
• Reorganize financial statements for increased clarity
• Build financial trend reports to monitor the business through monthly CFO meetings
• Analyze and evaluate numerous decision points from employee benefits to office space options

About | Furlong offers design-build construction and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, and retail construction projects. With every project they are building their reputation and a relationship for the future.

“The decision to work with Mackey Advisors was a lifechanger. They truly care about our success and give us the tools to do so.” – Jude Hehman, President

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Success Story

The Prosperity Experience® for Business

Holthaus Lackner Signs

The Holthaus Lackner Signs’ and Mackey Advisors’ teams worked together to create a more focused and accountable company.

Annual sales increased by 192%
Return to Owner improved by 974%
Annual net income increase by 209%
Working capital increased by 690%

The Challenge | The Holthaus team had a lot of great financial data, but didn’t have good systems in place for using that data effectively to make good business decisions.

The Solution | Mackey Advisors worked with the amazing team at Holthaus Lackner Signs to:
• Help build easy-to-understand financial tools and key performance indicators (KPI’s)
• Develop accountability systems for the entire company and kept the leadership team accountable to the overall business goals
• Educate both generations and create a communication system around financial information

About | Holthaus Lackner Signs is a 3rd, soon to be 4th, generation manufacturing company that delivers personalized identification for companies and people. They lead the industry in signage solutions in the Cincinnati region, some of their customers include the Cincinnati Reds, Crossroads Church, The University of Cincinnati & TriHealth.

“By adding CFO level expertise, taking a larger view, and building better decision making systems, Mackey & her team helped us make more informed decisions that brought about confident action.” – Kevin Holthaus, CEO

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Success Story

The Prosperity Experience® for Business

The Bauke Group

In a single year, working with the Mackey Advisors team, Julie Bauke created a financial system that allowed her to begin growing the business she’s been striving for years to build.

Annual sales increased by 72%
Gross Profit rose by 217%
Net income increased by 450%
Business Debt dropped by 70%

The Challenge | Julie was putting in a lot of hours, doing great work for her clients, but the rewards were just not there. She was unclear about her financial measures and benchmarks. She needed a partner who could help build a financial system that would align her business decisions with her vision for the company.

The Solution | Together Julie and the Mackey Advisors team:
• Determined what actions would really drive Julie’s goals for her business.
• Set up a financial reporting system that monitored the direction of the business through monthly CFO financial reviews.
• Developed proper categorizations for her financial information and asked her the tough questions to help ensure important business decisions were in line with Julie’s goals for the business.

About | Julie Bauke is Chief Career Happiness Officer and owner of The Bauke Group, one of the most exciting career coaching businesses in the Midwest. She’s the Careers and Jobs Expert on Cincinnati’s Fox 19 and the host of “Get Career Happy with Julie Bauke” on 700WLW.

“By truly getting to know me, Mackey and her team were able to guide me through a different approach to my finances that is making my business more successful.” – Julie Bauke

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*These results are from businesses working with Mackey Advisors, CPA and The Prosperity Experience® for Business