I’m going to show you on this video how to stop being a fulcrum. The point at which everything has to go through in your business and becomes the stuck point so you’re not moving forward to creating a wheel, a circle – the strongest form in the universe, so you can go have a little more fun in your life. You can have some more energy. You can reap the rewards that you should be reaping from your business and you can have everyone come along with you and take some of the load off. Wouldn’t be good to have a little more freedom with your time, your energy, have a little more time for your family. it’s all possible if you just create a wheel and I’m going to show you how. Let’s go.

Stop being a fulcrum. You are hurting your own business. A fulcrum is the point that everything has to go through and it’s a stress point. You are the stress point in your business you have to stop you have to come back from that just a bit so that you can see a different way and the different way is to create a wheel.

A circle is the strongest form in the universe. It spreads the workload, it spreads the heavy lifting. if you create a wheel, if you create a circle in your business so that everybody can come together and everybody knows their part then you can create an opportunity for everybody to take part of your load not one person but everybody to take a little bit more of your load. So, it frees you up. Gives them more autonomy. Brings your business together in a way that you’ve never imagined.

If you take that wheel and you add rhythm, so what’s rhythm it’s motion, right? So, you have a rhythm to your will now and that that’s every week you’re looking at your scorecards and every
month you’re looking at your data and every year you’re setting your goals and that rhythm is moving that wheel. And pretty soon the business is running without you because the business is running with everybody involved and the whole team is engaged and you don’t have to be there. It’s going to happen and it’s going to meet your goals at the same time so not only is the business going to have its own forward motion without you showing up every day and  exhausting yourself to make it happen. The business will, all the people in the business will come together and pull together to make those goals happen. So, build a wheel and add some rhythm.

You know when you’re the fulcrum when everything goes through you, everything comes through your office and no decisions are made without your complete input. You know you’re the fulcrum when someone comes in your office and instead of coming with a solution they come with the problem and you solve it for them. You know you’re the fulcrum when every day your to-do list is longer than it was the day before. And you know you’re the fulcrum when your to-do list never gets to the end. You know you’re the fulcrum when the things that you do every day aren’t the things that you’re really good at they’re just things that have to get done. You know you’re the fulcrum when you go home and yet again you say to your spouse “I can’t believe what my employees did today” or “Can’t believe what my employees didn’t do today” and your spouse says “Enough!” and already what are you going to do something different?

You know you created a circle in your business, the strongest structural shape that there is and that’s powering your business forward. When your team is as excited maybe even a little more than you are because they’re reaching their goals. You know you’ve created a circle, the strongest structural shape there is in your business when you don’t go home exhausted at the end of the day. When you take a vacation a real vacation one that you don’t call in and you don’t check your email. In fact, you don’t do anything, you actually just go on vacation. And you know you’ve
created a circle in your business when you set the big picture goals and then you step away and let everybody else take ownership of how those goals are going to be achieved at the department and individual level. And you know you’ve created a wheel when your team wants you to set the goals just a little bit bigger than you wanted to set them.

One of my favorite memories of someone who moved from being a fulcrum to a wheel was a client who came to us as they were hoping to make a family transition. He was the only person in the business that really understood the financials so we brought that whole team in, we engaged them and we worked with them over the next few years. He eventually retired and walked away from the business turned it over to his son and never looked back with no worries. The business has now grown on average fifteen to twenty percent a year since he left. He’s getting paid, the business is growing, the next generation is succeeding and it’s all because they learned how to share information and build a team a whole team that was much stronger than an individual could ever have been.