DivaCFO LogoSpring: Noun: A season that comes after winter representing a time of new birth, refreshing and cleanse

Spring: Verb: to jump into action

Cleaning: Verb: the dreaded chore…unless you make it FUN!

Spring is all about fresh air, flowering trees and everything new so why not embrace this season,  spring into action and clean out your files?  You will be a new person for it. Organizing vital personal and financial papers is the most important place to start. Here are our suggestions from DivaCFO:

  1. Buy your favorite color folders. If purple lights your fire, then buy about a dozen or two. Or go wild and use each family member’s favorite color so when you are filing their papers, the filing will be more fun and the retrieval will be easier!
  2. Start by setting aside one hour where you can really focus and not have constant interruptions …which of course will provide the excuse to procrastinate again!
  3. Before you even open your first stack of papers, visualize sanity on the other side of this daunting  task. Deep breath….and now think of this as a  Scavenger Hunt!
  4. Your DivaCFO Scavenger Hunt:  Find it, Learn it, File it! Paper and e-file. File what you so? Go to www.divacfo.com and click on “printables”. You will find a “survival guide” that you can follow.
  5. Or better yet, grab your iPhone and download DivaDocs for free! We guide you through the most important Scavenger Hunt of your life and even provide rewards as you progress!
  6. Find it!   Yes, place every paper in one huge pile on a large table and then start separating in any fashion that makes sense to you.  It may be by the categories you find in Diva or it may be by family member.  Keep a garbage paid and shredder handy by your side. Think open, read, toss or shred ANYTHING that is unnecessary to keep and then place with the related pile of papers. 
  7. Learn it! This is part of your empowerment lesson. At least glace over what you are filing and learn how much you are saving for retirement and remind yourself of where it’s invested. See who is listed as the beneficiary on life insurance policies.  Learn how to read your tax return and decide if your will still makes sense. 
  8. File it! If you are still attached to papers (or just want them as backup) then buy a nice storage box or even a filing cabinet if you have room. Ideally if you get a filing cabinet it should be fireproof.  Use your new colorful folders, and mark the tab clearly. Get a good supply of Pendeflex hanging folders too. Don’t’ overstuff or it will be difficult to retrieve anything. 
  9. E-File it! Learn to embrace the cloud so you can access your information from anywhere in the world. Open up an account in DropBox for free!
  10. Don’t have a scanner? Treat yourself to the best gift since your favorite Cuisinart: the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner is incredible!  I promise you if I had to choose between my favorite shoes and this scanner, I would pick the scanner, seriously, and I do love my black suede Manolo Blahniks!  My life is going paperless and I am LOVING it!

We hope you can set aside the same time and place each week to tackle this job because we all admit it is daunting but I promise this makes it fun…and addicting!

Go ahead: Take Charge! De-stress and Empower yourself!!


Stephanie & Susan, Founders of DivaCFO

Stephanie & Susan, Founders of DivaCFO

About DivaCFO:

At DivaCFO our mission is to educate and empower women with financial knowledge through an innovative, non-threatening platform.  We use organization as the initial step to create financial security. Divas don’t have to be ditzy and finance doesn’t have to be dull. A DivaCFO woman is her own Chief Financial Organizer. She’s financially informed and prepared while still keeping her inner diva intact.