As many of you know, I am the one-man-band of Mackey Advisors when it comes to branding, marketing, and communications in general. For the last few months I have felt stuck. It was like all of the sudden there was a storm cloud over my creativity, and I couldn’t produce anything worthwhile. I chalked this up to stress, added responsibilities, and a growing team, but I was wrong.


I started listening to Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and by disc 3 the cloud had lifted! I immediately got clear about my personal roadblocks and realized that while I thought I was seeing the bigger picture I had yet to see the biggest picture. Seriously, I can’t believe it has taken me almost 5 years to see something so simple. So, here goes nothing….


Mackey Advisors is not an outsourced financial solution for small businesses. It is not a financial planning and investment management firm, and we certainly are not a traditional accounting firm. Mackey Advisors is where prosperity comes alive. Prosperity is not wealth, a financial plan is not a number, and an advisor is not your superior.


  • Prosperity is multifaceted and ever evolving. Prosperity is a life well lived!
  • A financial plan is a roadmap to the future YOU envision.
  • An advisor is your co-pilot through thick & thin.


When I think of prosperity in this way, I think about my family, friends, health, work, passions and community. Money is nowhere to be found in my prosperity equation. That’s because, money is just a tool. That was my epiphany… pretty simplistic & pretty obvious, right?

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Due to the “epiphany”, in the next few weeks and months you may see some changes in the way Mackey Advisors communicates. If we truly want to help people bring their prosperity to life we need to be talking about every facet of their prosperity definition.


As with all of my blog posts, I would love feedback. Does what I am saying resonate with you personally? What would be included in your prosperity definition? Have I finally just gone off the deep end?