Financial Independence Services – The Prosper for Individuals™ Program

Prosper for Individuals services are provided by our affiliate company The Prosperity People.

Prosper For Individuals is our proprietary personal financial program designed for first-generation business owners who want prosperity, even after retirement. We have created a proven process that uses financials as tools and the keys to get there.

The Prosper For Individuals program is right for you if:

  • You’re a first-generation business owner whose child or children will succeed you
  • You wish to leave a legacy to your family
  • You want a clear vision of what your life will look like financially after retirement
  • You’ve sold your home and downsized to a condo or townhouse
  • You require a succession plan – but don’t know how to go about it
  • You have always valued expert guidance in your personal financial decisions
  • You have a track record of implementing plans and processes
  • You’re a good-hearted person who cares about your family’s well-being

You need someone you fully trust who has a deep understanding of your business, your challenges, and your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family.

Discover Prosper For Individuals

This unique program has been proven over and over again to:

  • Improve your relationship with money and increase your peace of mind
  • Enable you to create an amazing, purpose-filled life fueled by financial health
  • Give you a robust financial plan designed to achieve your personal goals

What Makes Prosper For Individuals Unique?

After helping hundreds of individuals to create and achieve their financial goals, we’ve identified these three critical keys to success:

  1. You are probably not a financial whiz, nor do we want you to be. We teach you how to look at the key information that drives your financial life and understand how it all fits together.
  2. Anyone can compare current results to prior year or quarter performance. The problem is that it’s not valuable. You need to be able to see how your savings & investments are aligning with your future goals. Our valuable insights and trend metrics allow you to make course corrections in real-time and see real results.
  3. Doing what you say you’re going to do is personal accountability. Most people need external accountability to force implementation. Bi-annual meetings and regular follow-ups create structured accountability that you would otherwise not.

How Does Prosper For Individuals Work?

Prosper For Individuals begins as a six-month program. Then, based on your needs, we will meet with you quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, to update your plan and review your portfolio.

In our first meeting together, we will uncover what a prosperous life looks like to you. From there, we create, monitor, and refine a financial plan that ensures you are on track to get there -financially and personally. Once you are focused on the right things, amazing results follow.

Part 1: EngageHere’s where you and your personal CFO outline where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. You’ll uncover…

  • What prosperity actually means to you
  • Which events have powerfully shaped your life
  • What inspires and engages you
  • Your goals and dreams
  • Your values, beliefs, and attitudes around money
  • The first iteration of your “Comfort Zone.”

Part 2: Empower – Here’s where you and your personal CFO design your personal plan and find your “Prosperity Zone.” You’ll create…

  • A roadmap that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be
  • The vision of the legacy you wish to leave.
  • Clarity around your next steps and likely outcomes
  • Your financial independence & investment plan

Part 3: Enrich – Now, your plan is complete, and your personal CFO will help you fulfill it. This includes:

  • Re-evaluating your goals to ensure they line up with your plan
  • Sourcing the ideal attorney for your will and trusts*
  • Analyzing and possibly updating your personal insurance policies*
  • Analyzing and possibly changing your investment advisor*

*The Prosperity People is a fee-only firm. We accept no commissions and sell no financial products. All our work is done on a fee basis, so you can be confident that our interests are aligned with yours.

Part 4: Envision – Lives change, markets change, and you may change your mind about your goals and priorities. You will meet with your personal CFO periodically (quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) to update your plan and analyze your portfolio. You’ll celebrate your progress and make changes if needed.

The No-Risk Prosper For Individuals Guarantee

Prosper For Individuals is a lifelong decision-making process designed to illustrate the consequences of your financial choices and build confidence and trust in your financial present and future. If you do your part, we guarantee your satisfaction with the outcome of the process. If your needs are not met through this process, you can notify us immediately, and we will first, endeavor to alter our service to meet your needs, and second if unable to do so, fully refund your previous quarterly fee.

Can’t wait to get started – or just want more information?