How are you doing with starting small on your New Year’s resolutions? Have you adjusted your list yet? Recalibrated any of your goals to start small?

I love my new start small goal. My meditation practice is up to 14 minutes and climbing. Remember, small changes are easy changes. Life is meant to be a glorious, prosperous experience. Why not be kind to yourself?


Two, intention.

Secret two is finding the essence or intention of what you want in a goal. Goal setting in its traditional form is an outward experience. You make a list of what you want, define the steps to getting there and then get in action. Sounds simple, logical and easy, and it works, so why not?

Because there is an easier, simpler way. In the race to prosperity, simple always wins. Simple is living inside out. What really jazzes you, inspires you, and makes you feel prosperous starts inside. When you connect there first, goals are less stressful and easier to achieve.

Let’s go back to my personal example of meditation. I started with the goal of meditating 30 minutes a day. But why meditate? I wanted to calm my inner chatter. I knew by doing that I would be less stressed, calmer and clearer with my thinking. My true goal was more happiness, more joy and feeling more confident in my decisions. My inner chatter or self-talk was blocking me from my goal. Meditation was a tool to remove this block.

When I start with my true goal of using meditation to promote more happiness, joy and confidence in my life, I create more freedom in the structure of the goal. No longer does 30 minutes mean anything. No longer does meditating daily mean anything. I am seeking a higher purpose, and I am free to explore the any path that may serve me.

If I were to rewrite this goal from the inside out, I would say, to discover a meditation practice that works in my life. The markers of success aren’t the old markers of daily or 30 minutes. The markers of achievement are how I am feeling. If I am feeling happy, joyous and confident, I’ll keep building upon it. If not, I will go another route.

Living inside out makes it impossible to shame yourself. Life becomes a discovery. By setting goals inside out, there is no right or wrong, only choice. I choose what works for me and discard or ignore the rest. This is freedom. This is joy. This is learning to discover who you are on a whole new level.

In joy,

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