How are you doing with start­ing small on your New Year’s res­o­lu­tions? Have you adjust­ed your list yet? Recal­i­brat­ed any of your goals to start small?

I love my new start small goal. My med­i­ta­tion prac­tice is up to 14 min­utes and climb­ing. Remem­ber, small changes are easy changes. Life is meant to be a glo­ri­ous, pros­per­ous expe­ri­ence. Why not be kind to your­self?


Two, intention.

Secret two is find­ing the essence or inten­tion of what you want in a goal. Goal set­ting in its tra­di­tion­al form is an out­ward expe­ri­ence. You make a list of what you want, define the steps to get­ting there and then get in action. Sounds sim­ple, log­i­cal and easy, and it works, so why not?

Because there is an eas­i­er, sim­pler way. In the race to pros­per­i­ty, sim­ple always wins. Sim­ple is liv­ing inside out. What real­ly jazzes you, inspires you, and makes you feel pros­per­ous starts inside. When you con­nect there first, goals are less stress­ful and eas­i­er to achieve.

Let’s go back to my per­son­al exam­ple of med­i­ta­tion. I start­ed with the goal of med­i­tat­ing 30 min­utes a day. But why med­i­tate? I want­ed to calm my inner chat­ter. I knew by doing that I would be less stressed, calmer and clear­er with my think­ing. My true goal was more hap­pi­ness, more joy and feel­ing more con­fi­dent in my deci­sions. My inner chat­ter or self-talk was block­ing me from my goal. Med­i­ta­tion was a tool to remove this block.

When I start with my true goal of using med­i­ta­tion to pro­mote more hap­pi­ness, joy and con­fi­dence in my life, I cre­ate more free­dom in the struc­ture of the goal. No longer does 30 min­utes mean any­thing. No longer does med­i­tat­ing dai­ly mean any­thing. I am seek­ing a high­er pur­pose, and I am free to explore the any path that may serve me.

If I were to rewrite this goal from the inside out, I would say, to dis­cov­er a med­i­ta­tion prac­tice that works in my life. The mark­ers of suc­cess aren’t the old mark­ers of dai­ly or 30 min­utes. The mark­ers of achieve­ment are how I am feel­ing. If I am feel­ing hap­py, joy­ous and con­fi­dent, I’ll keep build­ing upon it. If not, I will go anoth­er route.

Liv­ing inside out makes it impos­si­ble to shame your­self. Life becomes a dis­cov­ery. By set­ting goals inside out, there is no right or wrong, only choice. I choose what works for me and dis­card or ignore the rest. This is free­dom. This is joy. This is learn­ing to dis­cov­er who you are on a whole new lev­el.

In joy,

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