We are a company of Cinderellas. Each of us is uniquely qualified for what our job entails, whether or not it is in our job description. Finding the team we have now was more luck than process. Part of that process was watching new employees come and go which was painful, uncomfortable, and demoralizing. But there was a silver lining! We finally figured out what didn’t work within our organization. Now that didn’t mean we knew what would work, so we called in an expert, Barbara Hall. Following her lead,  the leadership team just finalized our first two job profiles. We know now what competencies, behaviors, and motivators a candidate must possess to become a successful and happy employee of Mackey Advisors. 

 The Search for Cinderella


There is a second piece to the recruiting equation and that is venue. Where the heck do you find a talent pool? Creating a pipeline of talent is just as hard as creating a pipeline of potential clients, if not harder. There are a zillion ways to find candidates, but which ones are the most effective? I don’t know, but I have tried just about everything, and here is what I *think* I know for certain:


  1. Monster.com is dead. I am pretty sure everyone knows this, but it makes me feel more like an expert to write it down.

  2. Recruiters must be vetted! Okay, let me be clear. I do not think recruiters are evil, but there is a lot of “noise” within this marketplace. Just like there are unethical doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc there are unethical recruiters. Protect yourself and get all your facts straight before signing on with a recruiter.

  3. Craigslist has a purpose. We have had some great success finding bookkeepers and administrative staff on craigslist, but when we are looking for a high level finance or accounting person posting on Craigslist is more hassle than it’s worth.

  4. Careerbuilder is Google for jobs. Careerbuilder’s search tools are amazing. Candidates can easily find jobs in their field, desired industry, and location. What I have found on the employer end is that I receive too many applicants from Careerbuilder. Maybe I am beginning to sound like Goldilocks here, but I am the one person who screens resumes within this office. If I get 30 to 50 resumes a day for 30 days it really slows down our process. And, if I am being honest, we likely lose out on some great talent because I have sifted through so many unqualified candidates my eyes have glazed over and my mind has checked out.

  5. LinkedIn WAS like your ace in the hole. The first time I posted a job on LinkedIn I was giddy with excitement. Every single candidate was qualified, I could see if I knew any of their connections, I could follow their interests, and see their work history. I had found my Prince Charming of recruiting, but like all “too good to be true” experiences the shine is gone. Last month I posted another job opening. I paid the $195 or whatever it is exactly, and was then asked if I would like to “promote” my job posting. Um…. I just paid you almost 200 bucks and you want more money to “promote” my listing!? I thought that was what the $195 was for?  Needless to say, because I did not promote my listing I only received 7 applicants when the average use to be anywhere between 30 and 70.

  6. Word of mouth goes a long way. When a company is referred they are 50% more likely to close the sale. I think the same goes for hiring. If a Mackey Advisors enthusiast recommends applying for one of our postings to an acquaintance it is much more likely that, one,  the candidate will be well qualified, and two, that the candidate is a good cultural fit.


With that being said, Mackey Advisors is hiring!! Please visit our employment opportunities page to see what positions are available, and PLEASE (with sugar on top) share our opportunities with your network of friends, family and COIs.