Sarah Grace Mohr

When asked how long she has been with MACKEY, SG’s favorite response is, “since I devel­oped fine motor skills”. Being the boss’ daugh­ter means Sarah Grace grew up play­ing hide-and-seek in the file room, mak­ing con­fet­ti out of old mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als, and insist­ing that Ore­gon Trail be installed on one of the very first office com­put­ers. It also means that she has a deep con­nec­tion and innate sense of the business.

It was nev­er Sarah Grace’s inten­tion to work at MACKEY,  but in her mid 20’s she fell head over heels for the place, went back to school to earn a degree in Orga­ni­za­tion­al Lead­er­ship, and nev­er looked back. Today, SG over­sees all things com­mu­ni­ca­tions and oper­a­tions includ­ing employ­ee devel­op­ment, strate­gic plan­ning and brand management.