One of my most fundamental beliefs is: the universe is always conspiring for my highest good.   Sometimes, that means things happen in my life that I would never choose.  I call these dark moments.  These are the things that I want to run away from, refuse to participate in or ignore.   What keeps me afloat in those dark moments is my basic belief that everything that happens to me is for my highest good.  Maybe I can’t find the good in the midst of the dark moment, but it will come.   When I was younger the universe delivered a sequence of dark moments.  It often felt overwhelming and it would have been easy to fall into the role of victim and give up. 


Looking back on these moments now, I see that they propelled me to unhinge the parts inside of me that were keeping my potential in check.  By working through the darkness, I lightened my load of all the baggage that was holding me down.  While I don’t believe I have yet learned to live at my full potential, I am moving toward it at an amazing pace. I will arrive and it will be grand!


Thankfully the universe is now sending mostly brilliant moments to support my journey toward reaching my full potential.  One of best moments in my life right now is my new Board of Advisors. I am so blessed to have 3 dynamic, gifted people spend a ½ a day every quarter focused on my growth and that of my businesses.  They are determined for me to live my highest potential, and so am I! 


Yesterday was meeting 2 and I am feeling jazzed and excited about the future.  We focused on many topics, but the most important one that I will be working on the next 90 days is my role as the CEO.  The Board challenged me to make a list of the activities that only I could do.  My goal is to review my actual activities against my list of only things I can do and discover what I need to stop doing.  Then actually stop doing 3 things in the next 90 days.


Years ago, I heard Larry King speak on the role of the CEO and his talk really resonated with me.  I didn’t see then how I could get there, but I thought his ideas were interesting, even compelling.  This morning, I reviewed his list of 6 essential roles and I am clear I can and will get there.  This is key to my living my full potential and it frees up my team to live theirs as well. 


It is also the next big step in my happiness project.  Wow.  Ready, willing and able, here I go.