Are you looking for an engaging subject-matter expert to speak to your internal team, peer roundtable, or event attendees about small business finance? We have a solution for you!

The MACKEY team has over a decade’s worth of expe­ri­ence speak­ing to both small & large groups on the top­ics of finan­cial lit­er­a­cy, small busi­ness finance, account­ing basics, and data systems.

We offer 6 sig­na­ture keynotes and work­shops. If you are inter­est­ed in hav­ing one of our speak­ers at your next event please email us at, or hit up the MACKEY BOT in the bot­tom right­hand cor­ner of your screen.

The Prosperity Playbook

There are 5 types of data every busi­ness must har­ness to cre­ate an effec­tive finan­cial oper­at­ing sys­tem that cre­ates con­fi­dence for the team, prof­its for the busi­ness, and time free­dom for the own­er. Deliv­ered as a 45-minute keynote or 2‑hour workshop.

5 Step Financial Review

Learn how to empow­er your­self and your lead­er­ship team with our five-step month­ly finan­cial review process. Devel­oped and refined over the last decade the MACKEY review process is a game-chang­er for any busi­ness own­er who wants to feel more con­fi­dent when look­ing at their finan­cial state­ments. Deliv­ered as a 90 minute to 2‑hour workshop.

Cascading Metrics

Mar­ry your bud­get process and strate­gic plan. Cas­cad­ing Met­rics is a fill-in-the-blanks plan­ning tool. A way for non-accoun­tants to engage in the cre­ation of the future of the com­pa­ny – while at the same time learn­ing what it takes to make it bet­ter. Deliv­ered as a 1 hour to 90-minute keynote.


New prod­uct lines, new mar­kets, new tech­nol­o­gy, new peo­ple, new loca­tions, new meth­ods. The path­way to growth is seem­ing­ly infi­nite, and there­in lies the prob­lem. Grow4Ways is a sim­ple and effec­tive tool to sort all your growth ideas and fil­ter out the ones with the most poten­tial impact. Deliv­ered as a 2‑hour work­shop for sin­gle busi­ness­es with large teams or small groups.

Take Back Your Time

The work of the busi­ness often inter­feres with the run­ning of the busi­ness. Take Back Your Time is a sim­ple mod­el for being more inten­tion­al with how you show up with­in your busi­ness and your life. A per­fect course for any own­er drown­ing in to-dos and stuck in the minu­tia of the day-to-day grind. Deliv­ered as a 30-minute break­out ses­sion or 90-minute group work­ing session.

Understanding Cashflow

It’s sim­ple. If you’ve got cash, you’re in busi­ness. If you don’t, you’re not. Cash moves fast and is one of the hard­est things for busi­ness own­ers to feel con­fi­dent about. We’ll teach you the basics and send you away with one of the best tools in our tool­box, the Cash Head­room report. Deliv­ered in 30 — 45 minute break­out session.

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