Every­one wants to grow their busi­ness to its high­est poten­tial, but the thought of putting more ener­gy into it might appear to be exhaust­ing.  What if I told you that there are ways to grow while using less ener­gy?  Sounds appeal­ing, right?  Below are three strate­gies to lever­age your busi­ness and to grow your top line:

  • Focus on what mat­ters. Stud­ies have shown that we only spend about 30% of our time on the tasks that are crit­i­cal to cre­at­ing val­ue in our busi­ness.  Ask your­self what are your crit­i­cal tasks.  For the less impor­tant tasks you should con­sid­er elim­i­nat­ing, del­e­gat­ing, out­sourc­ing, or automat­ing them.  Peo­ple have seen 30% increase to 50%-60%.
  • Lever­age sales chan­nels. Look at your net­work and see who already has rela­tion­ships with the busi­ness­es and indus­tries you want to tar­get.  Edu­cate these con­tacts and encour­age them to pro­mote you with­in their net­works.  This will give you time to do what you do best.  Many years ago, I was look­ing to grow work that I was doing with home­own­er asso­ci­a­tions.  I found that build­ing rela­tion­ships with prop­er­ty man­agers, I could get in front of a lot of home­own­er asso­ci­a­tions that need­ed the ser­vices I was pro­vid­ing.  Instead of mar­ket­ing to each home­own­er asso­ci­a­tion, I only had to mar­ket to prop­er­ty managers.
  • Lever­age part­ners in all key process­es. All busi­ness­es have four key processes: 
    • devel­op prod­ucts and services
    • gen­er­ate demand
    • ful­fill demand
    • plan and man­age the enterprise

As much as we want to believe it, we do not have the time or exper­tise to suc­cess­ful­ly per­form all four process­es.  Look for strate­gic part­ners or team mem­bers to per­form the tasks that do not have you cre­at­ing val­ue in your busi­ness or are your areas of weakness.

These three strate­gies do require you to work with part­ners and to “share the wealth.”  But by focus­ing on what mat­ters most and lever­ag­ing your part­ners for every­thing else, your top line should grow expo­nen­tial­ly, with very lit­tle effort or investment.