Alieron Campus

Aileron Cam­pus

Last week, I spent 2 days in The Course for Pres­i­dents at Aileron. The pur­pose of the course is to intro­duce pro­fes­sion­al man­age­ment tech­niques to busi­ness own­ers with rev­enue between $1 Mil­lion and $20 Mil­lion.  Be sure to check back for more posts about what I learned dur­ing this course. 


These 2 days, like many spent AWAY from my busi­ness served me in many ways.  In my expe­ri­ence there is a pace to life at the office that keeps me focused on the day to day.  All of these day to day tasks need to get done, but hon­est­ly 99% of them can be done by some­one else.


Being away from the office allows me to focus on the big pic­ture, 3–5 years out, with­out the con­straints of dai­ly demands.  It frees up space in my mind for big “Ah-ha’s” and break­throughs.  It all seems kind of mag­i­cal, but it’s real­ly very log­i­cal when you con­sid­er how the brain works.  Much like a com­put­er whose oper­at­ing mem­o­ry is at capac­i­ty, a brain filled with all the day to day doesn’t have enough pro­cess­ing space to work on the big pic­ture.  


The “Ah-ha” that came was one that has elud­ed me for years.  Our Why.  Simon Sinek talks about the pow­er of why in his enlight­en­ing TED talk. The first time I watched it; I res­onat­ed with the truth of what he said, so I imme­di­ate­ly engaged my team in a dis­cus­sion of What is our Why?   


After much dis­cus­sion, brain­storm­ing, reflec­tion and dis­sect­ing, we agreed we could “feel” our why, but not ver­bal­ize it.  Yes, we need to know, and yes, we don’t know.   The best we came up with is our tag line, Empow­er­ing Con­fi­dent Action, which is an impor­tant part of what we do, just not the why.


As only space and lack of dai­ly pres­sure can deliv­er, sit­ting in Aileron’s Course for Pres­i­dents, I got our WHY!  Why had it tak­en me so long? Why didn’t I see it before?  I guess every­thing has its own tim­ing, but it is so obvi­ous!


Our WHY is trans­for­ma­tion?  If busi­ness own­ers or indi­vid­u­als do not want to change, Mack­ey Advi­sors and Ignite Pros­per­i­ty are not a fit.  We empow­er our cus­tomers to change, in what­ev­er way they want, when it comes to the realm of finance, mon­ey, pros­per­i­ty and wealth.


And we are GREAT at it.  Every­one on our team knows that we are all about help­ing peo­ple get where they wan t to go.  That implies they want to shift from where they are to some­where else.  It reeks of change and of move­ment.  If some­one is con­tent where they are, Mack­ey Advi­sors and Ignite Pros­per­i­ty are not for them, and that is OK.  Not only is that OK, it is real­ly per­fect.


With­in 3 days of this “Ah-ha”, I had 2 prospects say yes and 2 say no.  The 2 no’s came from folks who did not want to change. The 2 yeses came from folks who did.  By sim­ply get­ting clear, the ener­gy of the uni­verse began con­spir­ing with us to bring us the right new cus­tomers and keep us form the wrong ones.


Now I am so excit­ed to imple­ment all the facets of what this means.  In recruit­ing, we need peo­ple who are good with change.  In talk­ing to prospects, we need know ear­ly on if they are inter­est­ed in change.  If not, we can move on before invest­ing time and ener­gy in propos­ing.  In our day to day activ­i­ty, and our way of serv­ing, we can be mind­ful of how our cus­tomers want to shift, so we align our rec­om­men­da­tions and advo­ca­cy with their stat­ed goals.  


I am choos­ing to cel­e­brate this “Ah-ha” and rel­ish in the crys­talline nature of clar­i­ty and to dance into the future with grace and ease.


Thank you Aileron and thank you Clay Mathile for the vision and wis­dom to cre­ate this insti­tu­tion.