Alieron Campus

Aileron Campus

Last week, I spent 2 days in The Course for Presidents at Aileron. The purpose of the course is to introduce professional management techniques to business owners with revenue between $1 Million and $20 Million.  Be sure to check back for more posts about what I learned during this course. 


These 2 days, like many spent AWAY from my business served me in many ways.  In my experience there is a pace to life at the office that keeps me focused on the day to day.  All of these day to day tasks need to get done, but honestly 99% of them can be done by someone else.


Being away from the office allows me to focus on the big picture, 3-5 years out, without the constraints of daily demands.  It frees up space in my mind for big “Ah-ha’s” and breakthroughs.  It all seems kind of magical, but it’s really very logical when you consider how the brain works.  Much like a computer whose operating memory is at capacity, a brain filled with all the day to day doesn’t have enough processing space to work on the big picture.  


The “Ah-ha” that came was one that has eluded me for years.  Our Why.  Simon Sinek talks about the power of why in his enlightening TED talk. The first time I watched it; I resonated with the truth of what he said, so I immediately engaged my team in a discussion of What is our Why?   


After much discussion, brainstorming, reflection and dissecting, we agreed we could “feel” our why, but not verbalize it.  Yes, we need to know, and yes, we don’t know.   The best we came up with is our tag line, Empowering Confident Action, which is an important part of what we do, just not the why.


As only space and lack of daily pressure can deliver, sitting in Aileron’s Course for Presidents, I got our WHY!  Why had it taken me so long? Why didn’t I see it before?  I guess everything has its own timing, but it is so obvious!


Our WHY is transformation?  If business owners or individuals do not want to change, Mackey Advisors and Ignite Prosperity are not a fit.  We empower our customers to change, in whatever way they want, when it comes to the realm of finance, money, prosperity and wealth.


And we are GREAT at it.  Everyone on our team knows that we are all about helping people get where they wan t to go.  That implies they want to shift from where they are to somewhere else.  It reeks of change and of movement.  If someone is content where they are, Mackey Advisors and Ignite Prosperity are not for them, and that is OK.  Not only is that OK, it is really perfect.


Within 3 days of this “Ah-ha”, I had 2 prospects say yes and 2 say no.  The 2 no’s came from folks who did not want to change. The 2 yeses came from folks who did.  By simply getting clear, the energy of the universe began conspiring with us to bring us the right new customers and keep us form the wrong ones.


Now I am so excited to implement all the facets of what this means.  In recruiting, we need people who are good with change.  In talking to prospects, we need know early on if they are interested in change.  If not, we can move on before investing time and energy in proposing.  In our day to day activity, and our way of serving, we can be mindful of how our customers want to shift, so we align our recommendations and advocacy with their stated goals.  


I am choosing to celebrate this “Ah-ha” and relish in the crystalline nature of clarity and to dance into the future with grace and ease.


Thank you Aileron and thank you Clay Mathile for the vision and wisdom to create this institution.