PROSPERITY wealth on purposeWealth is a number. When you have a wealth plan you have a number to achieve so you can quit working. Wealth is the end game. If I can just get to $X then I can, fill in the blank. But, where is your life in that conversation? Where is your purpose? Your passion? Your joy?


Prosperity isn’t a number. Prosperity is about everything. When you integrate wealth into all the other aspects of your life that you value, such as; relationships, travel, home, health, adventure, purpose, and work, you prosper. Prosperous people have wealth with purpose.


Are you a prosperity person? Here is the litmus test to know for sure.

What inspires you?

If the answer to that question is money, then you are a wealth person. If what inspires you is something other than your checkbook, bank statement or brokerage account, then you are a prosperity person.

Prosperity people focus their attention, time and resources (wealth) on what inspires them. They are purposeful or intentional about the use and application of their wealth to things and experiences that matter to them. Prosperity is personal.

I haven’t always chosen to prosper. For many years I believed you just made the best of what life handed you. Living this way my life was pretty good. I had the house in the burbs, the kid in private school, the new car, a vacation once a year. I saved regularly and my financial plan was in order. I was going through the motions of life, but somewhere I had lost my passion and purpose.

In my quest to rediscover myself I found a new spiritual home where one of the fundamental teachings was that my life was a result of my choices. If I wanted something different, I had to make new choices. It was all up to me. I could prosper if I would just choose it.

Anyone can be wealthy, but it takes courage to prosper. It takes courage to look in the mirror and know that this is the person, the only person, responsible for creating the life of your dreams.

Let’s explore four of the key elements of prosperity.

  • Prosperity is personal. It looks different for everyone. There is no one size fits all.
  • Prosperity is a choice. One that takes courage and an aligned inner belief. There are no excuses when you choose to prosper.
  • Prosperity is a journey not a destination. It requires a road map, compass and a well-honed navigation system.
  • Prosperity requires action aligned with your intent. Dreams do come true, when you are in aligned action.

Prosperity is personal.

Wealth is a number, a dollar mark to achieve, a goal to check off. People who dare to prosper aren’t concerned about achieving a set milestone. Instead, they begin with their intention, their why, their purpose. They choose goals and build plans that align with their intent.

Here is a simple example from my own life and my own financial plan. My intention is:

I contribute, connect and create. I practice gratitude in all things. I live in concert with spirit and dance with nature.

My goals are created from my intention statement. For example, I want to travel. My intention statement helps clarify what kind of travel. I want to travel to places where I can connect with nature. Where nature is celebrated, and it her most natural and alive state. That means my travel goals aren’t about New York or Paris, they are about New Zealand, Yellowstone and Nova Scotia.

Prosperity is a choice

Prosperity comes to those who have a belief system that supports prosperity and the courage to keep choosing it.

I went to college because for thirteen years both my parents and I saved money. We both chose to set aside today’s luxury or indulgence for tomorrow’s gift. I didn’t just wish myself to college. I chose college every day.

When my grandfather came to visit he gave me a quarter, I walked down to the savings and loan and deposited my quarter into my savings account. When I began working in high school, I saved most of my paycheck for college. I chose for me.

Prosperity doesn’t just happen. It is a choice.

Prosperity is a journey not a destination

Prosperous people know that the best intentions and goals sometimes just don’t pan out like you expect. Life happens. External events, like recessions or job losses change the course of your life or business. Internally you change too. As you grow, what and why you want things shift and your goals need to adjust to fit your new self.

In 2008 I was set to expand Mackey Advisors. The recession had other plans. I had to readjust and refocus on building internally so we were better prepared when the economy improved. The recession wasn’t a dead end, but it was a detour.

Prosperity requires action aligned with your intent.

Part of my personal intention statement is connection with family, friends, and nature. As I pondered how to bring this more fully into my life, I decided on an annual family vacation. Barry and I felt an annual vacation would be a great way to stay connected to our three adult children, spouses and soon to be grandchildren.

To make our annual vacations a reality, Barry and I have to get into action. Planning, saving and having every family member set the time aside.   Once you are in action, you are bringing your dream into reality.

Prosperity is like anything, you get out what you put in. You have to put yourself into prosperity. The life that emerges is more fulfilling and joyous, because it is more you.

Anyone can be wealthy but it takes courage to prosper. Do you have the courage to prosper? Need help? It is our passion and purpose at Mackey Advisors to bring prosperity to life. We’d be honored to be part of your prosperity journey.

In joy,