PROSPERITY wealth on purposeWealth is a num­ber. When you have a wealth plan you have a num­ber to achieve so you can quit work­ing. Wealth is the end game. If I can just get to $X then I can, fill in the blank. But, where is your life in that con­ver­sa­tion? Where is your pur­pose? Your pas­sion? Your joy?


Pros­per­i­ty isn’t a num­ber. Pros­per­i­ty is about every­thing. When you inte­grate wealth into all the oth­er aspects of your life that you val­ue, such as; rela­tion­ships, trav­el, home, health, adven­ture, pur­pose, and work, you pros­per. Pros­per­ous peo­ple have wealth with pur­pose.


Are you a prosperity person? Here is the litmus test to know for sure.

What inspires you?

If the answer to that ques­tion is mon­ey, then you are a wealth per­son. If what inspires you is some­thing oth­er than your check­book, bank state­ment or bro­ker­age account, then you are a pros­per­i­ty per­son.

Pros­per­i­ty peo­ple focus their atten­tion, time and resources (wealth) on what inspires them. They are pur­pose­ful or inten­tion­al about the use and appli­ca­tion of their wealth to things and expe­ri­ences that mat­ter to them. Pros­per­i­ty is per­son­al.

I haven’t always cho­sen to pros­per. For many years I believed you just made the best of what life hand­ed you. Liv­ing this way my life was pret­ty good. I had the house in the burbs, the kid in pri­vate school, the new car, a vaca­tion once a year. I saved reg­u­lar­ly and my finan­cial plan was in order. I was going through the motions of life, but some­where I had lost my pas­sion and pur­pose.

In my quest to redis­cov­er myself I found a new spir­i­tu­al home where one of the fun­da­men­tal teach­ings was that my life was a result of my choic­es. If I want­ed some­thing dif­fer­ent, I had to make new choic­es. It was all up to me. I could pros­per if I would just choose it.

Any­one can be wealthy, but it takes courage to pros­per. It takes courage to look in the mir­ror and know that this is the per­son, the only per­son, respon­si­ble for cre­at­ing the life of your dreams.

Let’s explore four of the key ele­ments of pros­per­i­ty.

  • Pros­per­i­ty is per­son­al. It looks dif­fer­ent for every­one. There is no one size fits all.
  • Pros­per­i­ty is a choice. One that takes courage and an aligned inner belief. There are no excus­es when you choose to pros­per.
  • Pros­per­i­ty is a jour­ney not a des­ti­na­tion. It requires a road map, com­pass and a well-honed nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem.
  • Pros­per­i­ty requires action aligned with your intent. Dreams do come true, when you are in aligned action.

Prosperity is personal.

Wealth is a num­ber, a dol­lar mark to achieve, a goal to check off. Peo­ple who dare to pros­per aren’t con­cerned about achiev­ing a set mile­stone. Instead, they begin with their inten­tion, their why, their pur­pose. They choose goals and build plans that align with their intent.

Here is a sim­ple exam­ple from my own life and my own finan­cial plan. My inten­tion is:

I con­tribute, con­nect and cre­ate. I prac­tice grat­i­tude in all things. I live in con­cert with spir­it and dance with nature.

My goals are cre­at­ed from my inten­tion state­ment. For exam­ple, I want to trav­el. My inten­tion state­ment helps clar­i­fy what kind of trav­el. I want to trav­el to places where I can con­nect with nature. Where nature is cel­e­brat­ed, and it her most nat­ur­al and alive state. That means my trav­el goals aren’t about New York or Paris, they are about New Zealand, Yel­low­stone and Nova Sco­tia.

Prosperity is a choice

Pros­per­i­ty comes to those who have a belief sys­tem that sup­ports pros­per­i­ty and the courage to keep choos­ing it.

I went to col­lege because for thir­teen years both my par­ents and I saved mon­ey. We both chose to set aside today’s lux­u­ry or indul­gence for tomorrow’s gift. I didn’t just wish myself to col­lege. I chose col­lege every day.

When my grand­fa­ther came to vis­it he gave me a quar­ter, I walked down to the sav­ings and loan and deposit­ed my quar­ter into my sav­ings account. When I began work­ing in high school, I saved most of my pay­check for col­lege. I chose for me.

Pros­per­i­ty doesn’t just hap­pen. It is a choice.

Prosperity is a journey not a destination

Pros­per­ous peo­ple know that the best inten­tions and goals some­times just don’t pan out like you expect. Life hap­pens. Exter­nal events, like reces­sions or job loss­es change the course of your life or busi­ness. Inter­nal­ly you change too. As you grow, what and why you want things shift and your goals need to adjust to fit your new self.

In 2008 I was set to expand Mack­ey Advi­sors. The reces­sion had oth­er plans. I had to read­just and refo­cus on build­ing inter­nal­ly so we were bet­ter pre­pared when the econ­o­my improved. The reces­sion wasn’t a dead end, but it was a detour.

Prosperity requires action aligned with your intent.

Part of my per­son­al inten­tion state­ment is con­nec­tion with fam­i­ly, friends, and nature. As I pon­dered how to bring this more ful­ly into my life, I decid­ed on an annu­al fam­i­ly vaca­tion. Bar­ry and I felt an annu­al vaca­tion would be a great way to stay con­nect­ed to our three adult chil­dren, spous­es and soon to be grand­chil­dren.

To make our annu­al vaca­tions a real­i­ty, Bar­ry and I have to get into action. Plan­ning, sav­ing and hav­ing every fam­i­ly mem­ber set the time aside.   Once you are in action, you are bring­ing your dream into real­i­ty.

Pros­per­i­ty is like any­thing, you get out what you put in. You have to put your­self into pros­per­i­ty. The life that emerges is more ful­fill­ing and joy­ous, because it is more you.

Any­one can be wealthy but it takes courage to pros­per. Do you have the courage to pros­per? Need help? It is our pas­sion and pur­pose at Mack­ey Advi­sors to bring pros­per­i­ty to life. We’d be hon­ored to be part of your pros­per­i­ty jour­ney.

In joy,