Secret-2-Clear-Intention1Crystal clear intent is the second secret to being prosperous in a chaotic world. Your prosperity intention is a higher aspiration or value that guides your actions. Just like a lighthouse guides a ship, a clear intention statement guides you on your journey to prosperity. When you are intentional in your money life you are deliberate, thoughtful and purposeful.

Intention gives you the ability to focus in the chaos. By focusing, you can attend to what is important, useful and inspiring to you. The simple act of intentional focus clears away all the chatter that distracts you from your path.

Intention is as personal as your finger print. It all begins inside of you.

What is your prosperity intention? It isn’t an easy question to answer. In my book, The Intersection of Joy and Money, I outline several paths to discovering your intention. One of the most enjoyable ways to discover your intention is a simple exercise that begins by writing down all the material things you want. Anything and everything goes on this list, whether is it a new house, a trip to Europe or a weekly massage, write it down. After you have your list, go through each item on the list and ask, what does this provide? Keep asking, what does this provide, until you get down to the essence of what each goal means to you. What does a new house provide? Depending on your personal perspective it could be anything, such as, security, peace or joy and beauty. Don’t judge your answers; just be present to what shows up and what is true for you. You will know when you have discovered your intention, because it will put a smile on your face. It will be a smile that comes from inside of you, just like the involuntary one that arises when you see a young child or a puppy.

Here is a simple example. Your top 5 goals are:

  • a new kitchen
  • a trip to Europe
  • a college education for your children
  • a vegetable garden
  • financial independence at age 67

You looked at each one and asked the question, what does this provide? You found the essence or intention of each goal, to live a life of joy and beauty.

Your intention, to live a life of joy and beauty, is your focal point. As opportunities arise, as choices come up, look inside and ask, does this choice support me in living a life of joy and beauty? If yes, then it is the right choice for you. If no, then think long and hard about why you are saying yes.

Like any new tool, using your intention to make choices will feel a bit clunky at first. That is ok. With practice, it will become comfortable to look at each decision to determine if it aligns with your intent. As you choose from intention, you no longer need to think of decisions as right or wrong. They are just aligned with you or not. Letting go of the need for judgement is a powerful way to create your life with choice.

Notice how your life shifts as you practice intentional living. Less chaos. More aliveness.

In joy, Mackey


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