Secret-3-Structure1Secret three to being prosperous in a chaotic world is to create great structures. Structure includes the places, plans, people, and elemental pieces of your life.
When you are prosperous, you are your most alive and engaged self.

Think of a seed. While it remains in the seed package it doesn’t sprout and grow. But take that same seed and surround it with good soil, water and nutrients and it will flourish. The same is true for you. You flourish when you are surrounded by structures that support your intention and goals.

Let’s continue with the example from the blog post on secret two. Your intention is, to live a life of joy and beauty, and your top 5 goals are:

  • a new kitchen
  • a trip to Europe
  • a college education for your children
  • a vegetable garden
  • financial independence at age 67

Based on your intention and goals, what are some structures you might put in place to support the manifestation of your intention and goals? Each one will need a start and end date, a budget, a savings plan, an investment plan, and time on your calendar to make these things happen. The other structures may differ. For example, the new kitchen needs a blueprint, contractor, and perhaps a decorator. The college education for your children may need research into the options available or help from your financial planner.

When bringing things into form in your life, structure is an integral part of the equation. Otherwise your goals never leave the dream state. Personally, I spend a little bit of time every day visioning and meditating. It is fun to think about my goals. But if I really want to make that trip to Europe a reality, I have to put the appropriate structures in place and take action!

One structure that supports you in creating anything and everything is gratitude. You may think of gratitude as the thank you note that your Mother required you write to Auntie Sue for the birthday present you really didn’t like. If so, it is a time for a refresh/ redo on your gratitude experiences.

Gratitude is a powerful energetic force. Think back to your high school science class and Newton’s third law of physics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and others have spoken of the Law of Attraction, which is a way of saying, when you think grateful thoughts, you attract like in kind. The more we learn about the brain, the more these beliefs are scientifically validated.

Going back to our earlier list of the basic structures you need to accomplish any goal:

  • a start and end date
  • a budget
  • savings plan
  • investment plan
  • time on your calendar to make these things happen

Add a gratitude practice. Can you get there without it? Likely! However, my experience is that when you add gratitude into your structures, you get their faster, easier and with less stress. If nothing else, gratitude just makes you feel better. Nothing to lose and everything to gain, think gratitude.

In joy,

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