The Shutdown's Lesson

reposted from AP.orgby: Joseph Pisani, AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- Let the government shutdown serve as a wake-up call: You need an emergency fund. Thousands of government workers were out of work for [...]

Small Amounts Can Add Up to Big College Savings

reposted from U.S. News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel   Parents who stuff their children's college funds with more than they can afford each month are setting themselves up for failure.    "Parents start off saving $500 [...]

Evaluate Investment Costs In College Savings Plans

reposted from US News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel College savings accounts come with a price. When parents compare prices on 529 plans, tax-advantaged college investment accounts, they're looking at what are known as average costs. [...]

How Two Owners Got the Web Sites They Wanted

reposted from The New York Timesby: Melinda Emerson In my last post — The Problem Social Media Cannot Solve — I profiled DCC Waterbeds, a company that makes waterbeds for cows – yes, really – and that generously [...]

5 of the Worst Things You Can Do With Your Money

reposted from Yahoo Financeby: Lisa ScherzerApril 16, 2013 Financial blunders are made all the time and everywhere – at the grocery store, at the bank, in the housing market, in the stock market, with your [...]

How to Invest Leading Up To – and In – Retirement

reposted from: FoxBusiness.comby: Andrea MuradApril 12, 2013 The retirement equation isn’t looking good for baby boomers right now. “Boomers have weathered many challenges in a short period of time: the financial crisis, high unemployment, rising [...]