Author and speaker Mackey McNeill is the Founder and President/CEO of Mackey Advisors.®  Her professional insights and expertise have been quoted in numerous national publications (The Wall Street Journal, The New York times, TIME,, Money, USA TODAY and Reader’s Digest) and online media outlets over the years. Mackey is always open to working with journalists on a variety of topics relating to the financial planning and wealth management industries, as well as those about personal development and looking within for answers.

Mackey is also a sought after speaker who brings a truly unique blend of expert financial knowledge and soulful advice about the power of looking within to audiences throughout the country. The knowledge and insight gained from 30 years as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist informs her talks as she guides listeners through the steps that reveal their individual paths to prosperity. Mackey also speaks about how to achieve successful, measurable growth for small businesses and the unique financial needs of women.

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