Merriam-Webster defines intention as a determination to act in a certain way.  Intention is what motivates us to do what we do every day.  You may be conscious of your intentions or it may simply be programmed in your way of doing.  Either way, it is connected to your why – why you wake up in the morning, why you started your business, why you interact with the people you do.  Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, “What is my business intention?”  At Mackey Advisors, we feel that when you build an intentional business, you thrive with a purpose.  A purposeful business is more fulfilling and rewarding.

Goals and intentions are different.  Goals are measurable and have time markers which provide a path to completion.  Goals are stepping stones inside your personal intentions.  Goals come and go. Intentions last a lifetime.  Your business intention is a statement that defines how you intend to interact with your customers, your community, your business family, your environment and so much more.

When you have a clear business intention it gives your team an instant reason for engaging in any activity and helps everyone to stay focused.  Below are some examples of business intentions:

  • Enjoy what I have and be able to give as freely as I want. I want to be generous to my
    full potential without fear.
  • To work hard and play hard. I don’t do anything half way and feel life is the greatest blessing.
  • My purpose in having the business is to be able to provide opportunities for our team to grow and then in turn to be able to support themselves and their families. I want a business that has a solid reputation in the community with partners that are equally minded.  I want a business that is equally profitable for all shareholders.
  • To receive the value of the business in some form over the next 15 to 20 years and watch the new operators grow the enterprise exponentially over the coming years, doubling it in 7 years and beyond.
  • To be ethical, create win/win and build solid relationships.

Determining your business intention can be no easy feat.  Take time, craft your intention by making a vision board or journaling to ensure you are capturing all the elements of your why.  Need feedback? Ask your team what they think your business intention is and how it supports your organization.

Understanding your business intention can be a powerful guiding force in your business’ growth and success. Enjoy the journey!