Last Tuesday, October 29th, our conference room welcomed over a dozen small business owners. Sarah Grace delivered a thought-provoking presentation that led to some pretty great conversation throughout and following the workshop. It was moving to witness a safe space in which business owners shared experiences and raised questions that in one way or another was commonly shared among everyone in the room. The ripple effect of connections among people in all stages of the game was more than we could of ever hoped for.

The sense of community and mutual understanding of one another was so vivid that there was very little of “So what do you do?” And more, “So how has that impacted your bottom-line?” After the event, chatter filled the air and the clouds from the brain storming had cleared. As folks gathered their belongings they commented, “Mackey surely has something going here…”

Moving forward this workshop will be offered periodically and will continue to educate individuals of all stages of business ownership.  Not only is there a component of sharing the strategies that have worked for our clients for years but the opportunity is there challenge a business owner to think and dream bigger while providing the tools necessary to do so.