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3 Questions CEOs Should Ask To Practice Deliberate Curiosity

It’s easy enough to just ask lots of questions—but that won’t get results. Deliberate curiosity requires dedicating some time to exploration.

Become More Inclusive of Neurodivergent Employees

Caitlyn O’Neil, CPA, wasn’t always open about being on the autism spectrum. It took a couple of years before the senior tax accountant at CBIZ MHM in Denver told most of her colleagues she’s autistic. “Before that I really struggled trying to explain some of my behaviors. I just called it ‘busy season brain,'” she said. “Then I just decided it was too much stress, and just acknowledging this is why I’m different, that lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.”

While written for accounting firms, we believe much covered in this article is helpful for all leaders (regardless of industry) looking to create a more comfortable environment for neurodiverse employees.

Effective Leaders Accelerate Their Team’s Ideas-to-Actions Flow

Ideas are oxygen for problem-solving. Yet, great ideas aren’t enough. As leaders, we need to complete the process and make sure there’s a robust ideas-to-actions machine operating on our teams and in our organizations.

Here are some approaches to help strengthen the flow of ideas into actions in your workplace.

Maryland Breaks New Ground in Taxing Digital Realm

On Feb. 12, 2021, Maryland’s General Assembly enacted two bills over the veto of Gov. Larry Hogan that make major changes in the state’s tax code. One is a sales tax on digital products and the other is a digital advertising tax.

The two bills reflect separate and distinct trends in state taxation of the digital economy, and each raises significant compliance issues for businesses. Whether or not other states will follow suit remains to be seen.