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Why You Need To Rethink Your Approach To Power in the Workplace

Any treatment of the topic of power in the workplace is sure to generate energy. Add in guidance that the pursuit of power might be healthy and lead to personal, group and organizational success, and, well, the discussions are sure to become high-voltage.

Yet, [this article] argues that your relationship with power — specifically cultivating power — is essential for your success and the success of the people around you.

Mindful Messaging: Why You Should Stop Hitting ‘Reply All’ to Emails

There are several ways to foster stronger employee communications across your organization, from holding town halls to hosting virtual happy hours and launching employee resource groups.

While that’s all well and good, many communicators skip over the part where they work with managers to articulate how employees can best communicate with each other across internal channels. In a time of remote and hybrid work, establishing these ground rules is critical.

How To Create a YOY Comparison Chart Using a PivotChart in Excel

Many organizations compare revenue and other assets from one year to the next to evaluate financial performance and refer to this as a year-over-year analysis. By measuring—comparing—revenue or some other asset, you can see if the organization is growing as intended. [This article shows] you how to create a YOY chart by using Microsoft Excel’s PivotTable and PivotChart features.

House Votes To Expand Tax Benefits for Retirement Savings

The House overwhelmingly passed legislation that would expand the tax benefits for retirement accounts to bolster the savings of Americans, many of whom have nothing banked for after they stop working.

The legislation, approved on a 414-5 vote, creates a tax credit of up to $1,000 per employee for small businesses that offer a savings plan.