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New OT Rules Coming This Spring — Will You Be Ready?

At the very end of the year the Department of Labor (DOL) made its intention clear to update the salary level requirement of the section 13(a)(1) exemption for executive, administrative, professional, outside sales, and computer employees. The feds last overhauled the overtime rules in January 2020 and also set up a “regular” review to update thresholds. The DOL is making good on that promise … at the expense of company budgets. Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to prepare.

What’s New for 2022 in Federal Taxes

While the Build Back Better Act’s smorgasbord of tax incentives for clean energy, new taxes on large corporations and wealthy individuals, and tax relief for others remains stalled for now in the Senate, 2022 nonetheless dawns with the advent of at least one new tax provision, lapses of several others, and at least a couple sets of required regulatory rules.

The Trends Shaping Sales Tax Compliance and Controversy in 2022

COVID-19 has reshaped the world in more ways than one, including the ways that we shop: We’re doing more of it online or a mix of online with in-person pickup. How we choose our goods and services may have tax consequences. Liz Armbruester of Avalara shares a few of the top trends that will shape sales tax in 2022.

Empathy: It’s Your Game-Changer

There’s a vast amount of scientific study on the value of empathy to leadership and organizations. But you’re a busy leader, with sometimes more on your plate than you want.

But slow down long enough to understand and resonate with others’ reality, ask what will make things better for them, and then help create those conditions. Do that, and you’ll get more than employee retention. You’ll build capacity, innovation, quality and a spirit of commitment in your team.