Resolutions are supposed to be your intention for the new year, not a to-do list for the first week of January that is never fully completed.  I have yet to see someone accomplish a resolution within a week.  We usually get “busy” and  stop caring about what we set out to accomplish within the first couple of weeks.  By this time of year, most people have already stopped their resolutions, yet some people are still saying “Happy New Year”.

One of the most common resolutions out there is to get their finances in order.  What does that even mean? It is usually a vague cover for a specific area of their finances they want to square away, i.e., get out of debt (but why?), save more for retirement (how much is necessary?), etc. However, almost no one gets so pointed as to say, “Engage in The Prosperity Experience for Individuals® so that I can see what I can do in the future, while not sacrificing what I want to do today!”

Today is February 17th and you may not have gotten your finances in order yet.  We are not even 1/6th of the way through the year.  Just because you haven’t gotten your finances in order yet, doesn’t mean you still cannot.  Whether it is engaging The Prosperity Experience for Individuals® for the first time, or making a course correction on your current plans, we still have 5/6ths of the year to accomplish things!

Since we work with our clients on a regular basis, we are constantly making course corrections. Clients run out of the gate with their financial game plans.  Do they live to it every day?  Some do, but most do not.  The most important piece, though, is working with a group who not only is held accountable, but also holds you accountable.  This brings out the best in both parties.

The beginning of the year is when we often see changes to our clients’ plans.  A new trip gets planned.  A weight loss goal requires a new line item in their spending optimization.  A young couple wants to take some time off work to learn a new language.  Our goal isn’t to tell you what you can or cannot do, rather it is to enlighten you to the outcomes of the choices you make.  We hold you to what you said you wanted to accomplish long-term and ensure your specific goals help you attain your resolution.

A new year is a great time to start fresh; however, it is just one of 365 days. It could be February 17th and you may still be noodling around with what your new year’s resolution is going to be.  That is fine. Just because no one is saying, “Happy New Year” any more doesn’t mean you cannot try to keep your resolution to get your finances in order.