dic-logo-2reposted from: Daughters in Charge
By: Amy Katz

April 7, 2015

Podcast Theme: Mother and Daughter, Partners in Business

Podcast Summary: A daughter learned how to work effectively with her mom and to make her own unique contributions to their family’s business.

Featured Guest: Sarah Grace Mohr

Key Quotes:

  • “The first time I came back to the business, my mother and I were not ready to work together. Now we work as a team.”
  • “One of our core values is curiosity. When a client comes to us we don’t first try to fix it…we want to dig a little deeper.”
  • “If you have any baggage with your parent-a mother or a father-you have to look at that and make sure it’s done before you work with them.”

To listen to the podcast please visit DaughtersinCharge.com