Stock and Bond BasicsThe first webinar in our Healthy, WEALTHY, and Wise Women series is now available. Watch it whenever and wherever you want. Mackey McNeill, CPA, PFS, IAR will review some basic investment knowledge including:

  • How men and women view the world of investments differently
  • How to eliminate worry 
  • What is risk, and how to determine how much is too much
  • Why market timing doesn’t work
  • Owner vs. Loaner assets
  • The rules that rule when it comes to personal finance

Also check out our Worthwhile Women series. This series dives into subject like estate planning, education planning, charitable giving, and healthcare planning. 

Women represent 39% of the “top wealth holders” (those with gross assets of at least $625,000) according to the IRS. Yet women are still being shut out of the conversation when it comes to money. It is a necessity for women to become financially savvy not only because many women will outlive their spouse or experience a divorce, but because women deserve the right to understand how to create wealth and enjoy it. Join our conversation and start creating a more prosperous future!