Stock and Bond BasicsThe first webi­nar in our Healthy, WEALTHY, and Wise Women series is now avail­able. Watch it when­ev­er and wher­ev­er you want. Mack­ey McNeill, CPA, PFS, IAR will review some basic invest­ment knowl­edge including:

  • How men and women view the world of invest­ments differently
  • How to elim­i­nate worry 
  • What is risk, and how to deter­mine how much is too much
  • Why mar­ket tim­ing does­n’t work
  • Own­er vs. Loan­er assets
  • The rules that rule when it comes to per­son­al finance

Also check out our Worth­while Women series. This series dives into sub­ject like estate plan­ning, edu­ca­tion plan­ning, char­i­ta­ble giv­ing, and health­care planning. 

Women rep­re­sent 39% of the “top wealth hold­ers” (those with gross assets of at least $625,000) accord­ing to the IRS. Yet women are still being shut out of the con­ver­sa­tion when it comes to mon­ey. It is a neces­si­ty for women to become finan­cial­ly savvy not only because many women will out­live their spouse or expe­ri­ence a divorce, but because women deserve the right to under­stand how to cre­ate wealth and enjoy it. Join our con­ver­sa­tion and start cre­at­ing a more pros­per­ous future!