The Romans were lazy.  That’s right, I said it: “Lazy”.  The typical response would be that, along with building an empire, Romans built highways, aqueducts, coliseums, etc.  Many of those basic designs are used today, as is the Julian Calendar, another brilliant innovation under the Roman empire.  How could they have been lazy?  Well, the Julian Calendar is where they got lazy.  They stretched the calendar from 10-months to 12-months, changed the order of some months, and renamed some of others.  September was one of the months they didn’t change the name.  The Latin root “Sept” means seven and in the 10-month calendar, September was the 7th month. So, they were lazy in not renaming it when it became the 9th month. They pretty much assumed this new 9th month was going to be filler and the name didn’t matter. I think that is why today many people are indifferent to the month of September.

Anyway, on to the to-do list for September!

Estimated Payments

The September estimated payments always sneak up on people.  Self-employed people, retirees, and people with variable income may find it beneficial to pay estimated federal and/or state tax payments quarterly.  Since the IRS views taxes as a system where you pay as you go, if you miss a deadline of underpay, you could be subject to penalties.  This is probably a good time to also touch base with your tax professional to project what your tax liability may be for the 2017 year.


The weather is usually great in September.  Not overly hot during the day, but cools down just enough at night.  Your air conditioner and furnace are probably doing little or no work the whole month.  Why not call your HVAC contractor to get a yearly tune-up? You will be able to avoid peak pricing issues with summer air conditioner issues and winter furnace repairs.  The service calls, check local listings, can run as little as $100 for the service, with the potential to save you major headaches and money in winter.

Review Your Benefits

Enrollment period for most employer benefits are just around the corner.  Let’s get ahead of this by reviewing how your benefits have stacked up for the year.  Health insurance is obviously a big one.  People are often in health insurance plans that don’t truly meet their needs.  Look at your spending for the year and compare it to your deductible.  Was it a typical year and have you spent way more/less than your deductible?  Probably time to see if there is a better option for you.

Other benefits like flexible spending accounts, either healthcare or dependent care, should be reviewed for balances.  These are use-it-or-lose-it accounts.  Don’t put money in these accounts and not use it.

The Romans were wrong.  Don’t view the month of September like the Romans.  This is a valuable month to help you be successful for the remainder of 2017 and beginning of 2018.