The Romans were lazy.  That’s right, I said it: “Lazy”.  The typ­i­cal response would be that, along with build­ing an empire, Romans built high­ways, aque­ducts, col­i­se­ums, etc.  Many of those basic designs are used today, as is the Julian Cal­en­dar, anoth­er bril­liant inno­va­tion under the Roman empire.  How could they have been lazy?  Well, the Julian Cal­en­dar is where they got lazy.  They stretched the cal­en­dar from 10-months to 12-months, changed the order of some months, and renamed some of oth­ers.  Sep­tem­ber was one of the months they didn’t change the name.  The Latin root “Sept” means sev­en and in the 10-month cal­en­dar, Sep­tem­ber was the 7th month. So, they were lazy in not renam­ing it when it became the 9th month. They pret­ty much assumed this new 9th month was going to be filler and the name didn’t mat­ter. I think that is why today many peo­ple are indif­fer­ent to the month of September.

Any­way, on to the to-do list for September!

Esti­mat­ed Payments

The Sep­tem­ber esti­mat­ed pay­ments always sneak up on peo­ple.  Self-employed peo­ple, retirees, and peo­ple with vari­able income may find it ben­e­fi­cial to pay esti­mat­ed fed­er­al and/or state tax pay­ments quar­ter­ly.  Since the IRS views tax­es as a sys­tem where you pay as you go, if you miss a dead­line of under­pay, you could be sub­ject to penal­ties.  This is prob­a­bly a good time to also touch base with your tax pro­fes­sion­al to project what your tax lia­bil­i­ty may be for the 2017 year.


The weath­er is usu­al­ly great in Sep­tem­ber.  Not over­ly hot dur­ing the day, but cools down just enough at night.  Your air con­di­tion­er and fur­nace are prob­a­bly doing lit­tle or no work the whole month.  Why not call your HVAC con­trac­tor to get a year­ly tune-up? You will be able to avoid peak pric­ing issues with sum­mer air con­di­tion­er issues and win­ter fur­nace repairs.  The ser­vice calls, check local list­ings, can run as lit­tle as $100 for the ser­vice, with the poten­tial to save you major headaches and mon­ey in winter.

Review Your Benefits

Enroll­ment peri­od for most employ­er ben­e­fits are just around the cor­ner.  Let’s get ahead of this by review­ing how your ben­e­fits have stacked up for the year.  Health insur­ance is obvi­ous­ly a big one.  Peo­ple are often in health insur­ance plans that don’t tru­ly meet their needs.  Look at your spend­ing for the year and com­pare it to your deductible.  Was it a typ­i­cal year and have you spent way more/less than your deductible?  Prob­a­bly time to see if there is a bet­ter option for you.

Oth­er ben­e­fits like flex­i­ble spend­ing accounts, either health­care or depen­dent care, should be reviewed for bal­ances.  These are use-it-or-lose-it accounts.  Don’t put mon­ey in these accounts and not use it.

The Romans were wrong.  Don’t view the month of Sep­tem­ber like the Romans.  This is a valu­able month to help you be suc­cess­ful for the remain­der of 2017 and begin­ning of 2018.