Is there any­thing bet­ter than a fire on a nice fall evening?  Enjoy some apple cider, an out­door fire and the love­ly foliage.   It is a won­der­ful time to be out in the yard enjoy­ing the change of sea­son.  Just make sure that if you are doing this on Hal­loween, you take the appro­pri­ate precautions.

Fall is prime time for when peo­ple can get hurt on your prop­er­ty.  Here are a few tips to lim­it the chance of a claim being filed against your homeowner’s insur­ance. Trick-or-treaters can eas­i­ly be hurt run­ning on your prop­er­ty at night, fam­i­ly stop­ping by after the first frost where the side­walk may be slick  or friends get­ting a lit­tle too close to your fire pit to warm up.  To pre­vent any of these hor­ror sce­nar­ios, sim­ply cre­ate a well-lit walk­ing path for vis­i­tors, always clear off the side­walk and con­tain any open flames.

Octo­ber, specif­i­cal­ly, is also a time to make sure your tax­es have been final­ized, so that means tax sea­son is offi­cial­ly over.  If you filed for an exten­sion, your return is typ­i­cal­ly due 10/15.  Even if you didn’t file for an exten­sion, pull your return out and start to plan your 2017 return.  Things may have changed over the year, so now is the time to start col­lect­ing all the information.

Last­ly, I love fall so I can rock the lum­ber­jack look.  I try to pull this off as I win­ter­ize the house each year.  I put on my flan­nel jack­et and beanie then pro­ceed to weath­er­proof the win­dows and doors, inspect the HVAC sys­tems, clean the gut­ters, drain out­door faucets, test the fire­place and fix any con­crete cracking.

Aside from the tax­es these are all sim­ple, fun, and cheap things that can save you big mon­ey over the long haul. Even bet­ter, these give you an excuse to savor an evening fire with a warm apple cider.