Is there anything better than a fire on a nice fall evening?  Enjoy some apple cider, an outdoor fire and the lovely foliage.   It is a wonderful time to be out in the yard enjoying the change of season.  Just make sure that if you are doing this on Halloween, you take the appropriate precautions.

Fall is prime time for when people can get hurt on your property.  Here are a few tips to limit the chance of a claim being filed against your homeowner’s insurance. Trick-or-treaters can easily be hurt running on your property at night, family stopping by after the first frost where the sidewalk may be slick  or friends getting a little too close to your fire pit to warm up.  To prevent any of these horror scenarios, simply create a well-lit walking path for visitors, always clear off the sidewalk and contain any open flames.

October, specifically, is also a time to make sure your taxes have been finalized, so that means tax season is officially over.  If you filed for an extension, your return is typically due 10/15.  Even if you didn’t file for an extension, pull your return out and start to plan your 2017 return.  Things may have changed over the year, so now is the time to start collecting all the information.

Lastly, I love fall so I can rock the lumberjack look.  I try to pull this off as I winterize the house each year.  I put on my flannel jacket and beanie then proceed to weatherproof the windows and doors, inspect the HVAC systems, clean the gutters, drain outdoor faucets, test the fireplace and fix any concrete cracking.

Aside from the taxes these are all simple, fun, and cheap things that can save you big money over the long haul. Even better, these give you an excuse to savor an evening fire with a warm apple cider.