I was born in August some years ago.  Rather than just cel­e­brate a day or week, I cel­e­brate my whole birth month.  Grant­ed, the cel­e­bra­tion has changed dras­ti­cal­ly from when I was knee high to a grasshop­per.  I no longer go all out for a day, but rather cel­e­brate on a low­er scale for 30 days.  Some of those cel­e­bra­tions include tak­ing advan­tage of sales tax hol­i­days, buy­ing deeply dis­count­ed items and a nice al fres­co din­ner with the fam­i­ly.  I am get­ting old­er!

Ohio is a great state for many rea­sons.  One of which is, it offers a sales tax hol­i­day the week­end of August 4th.  Items that are exempt from sales tax include: cloth­ing priced at $75 per item or less, school sup­plies priced at $20 per item or less and school instruc­tion­al mate­ri­als priced at $20 per item or less.  I am pret­ty sure who­ev­er enact­ed this hol­i­day knew my birth­day was in August and want­ed me to enjoy it that much more.

The best part about this hol­i­day week­end is that it is also a time where a lot of those items are also deeply dis­count­ed.  Schools sup­plies and school-relat­ed items are always deeply dis­count­ed in August, as every­one makes the last-minute rush to pre­pare their kids for the upcom­ing school year. Aside from school relat­ed items, there are also great deals on air con­di­tion­ers, out­door fur­ni­ture and even out­door equip­ment.

August is a hot month, but also a good month to have a bite to eat out­side.  Although most peo­ple would not like eat­ing at a restau­rant on the Ohio Riv­er, I love it!  Around my birth­day, I like to go to one of the local mari­nas to grab a meal along the water.  Aside from being on the boat, hav­ing a casu­al din­ner on the riv­er with my fam­i­ly is one of the best ways to close sum­mer.  It sure is a lot cheap­er than rent­ing a boat!

Although I don’t yet cel­e­brate the ear­ly bird spe­cial, I am aging to the point where I enjoy sim­ple mon­ey plea­sures.  I no longer fawn over the coolest birth­day present, but rather the deals I get, the mon­ey I saved and the time I get to spend with my fam­i­ly.  So, help me cel­e­brate my birth month by get­ting great deals, sav­ing mon­ey and spend­ing time with your fam­i­ly.