Written by: Amanda Joering
The Community Press
August 10, 2012

For the past 30 years, Mackey Advisors has been meeting the financial planning needs of individuals and businesses throughout the Tristate.

Now, the business has brought its services, and a new look, to a historical building along Fairfield Avenue.

Owner Mackey McNeill started the company in the basement of her Florence home 30 years ago, before getting office space in Fort Mitchell, then in Covington.

A couple years ago, McNeill, who now lives in Independence, said she started looking to buy a new place to house the company, but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for in places like Covington and Newport.

After being urged to check out Bellevue, McNeill and her daughter Sarah Grace Mohr, who works for her, came across an old building on Fairfield Avenue that was in pretty bad shape.

“I didn’t have the vision for this building, but Grace said it was perfect and was going to be great, and she was right,” McNeill said.

After paying about $250,000 to buy the property at 601 Fairfield Avenue, the business hired the company Greenbau, part of Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati, to complete a $500,000 “green” project including renovations and an addition.

McNeill said most of the cost went into a new geo-thermal HVAC system, new plumbing and a whole new electrical system.

Through the whole experience, McNeill said the City of Bellevue, in particular assistant city administrator Jody Robinson, was very helpful and supportive.

Robinson said it took really vision on the part of company to see the potential in the building, which has been a blight in the city for years.

“They have made such a tremendous investment in that building and have really shown their commitment to being part of the community,” Robinson said.

Along with improving the look of Fairfield Avenue by fixing the building, Robinson said Mackey Advisors has also worked to promote the city by bringing its customers to the area and to other Bellevue businesses.

McNeill said the new building gives the company plenty of room to grow, which is something she hopes to do a lot of in the next few years.

One main goal, McNeill said, is to start doing business throughout the country by building their brand virtually.

Mackey Advisors is a wealth advocacy firm, helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals through programs they’ve developed including the Prosperity Experience and Prosperity, Inc., which offers customers feedback to show them whether they are getting closer to or further away from their goals.

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