Where are you limited?

Your mind. It can be the gas in your engine of suc­cess, or it can be the brakes, stop­ping or slow­ing your progress.

Your lim­it­ing beliefs show up in con­ver­sa­tion. They show up in your mind chat­ter. They are always present, pulling your atten­tion in one direc­tion or another.

The first lim­it­ing belief I faced in my career was believ­ing I had to fig­ure every­thing out on my own. That I could not afford to get help. As a result, I spent long evenings and week­ends read­ing busi­ness books and be my own con­sul­tant on every mat­ter imag­in­able. Thank good­ness I final­ly addressed it! Doing so allowed me to begin rebuild­ing my life out­side of the office.

Hav­ing worked with indi­vid­u­als and busi­ness own­ers for 35 years, I have seen first-hand that lim­it­ing beliefs are uni­ver­sal. You can­not rise above your mind­set. It’s impor­tant to check in with your­self every year or two to assess where your beliefs might ben­e­fit from a new stretch.

To make it easy, I devel­oped The Pros­per­ous Mind Score­card. With a cou­ple of clicks, you can down­load this tool and quick­ly devel­op a game plan for grow­ing your capac­i­ty to prosper.