Where are you limited?

Your mind. It can be the gas in your engine of success, or it can be the brakes, stopping or slowing your progress.

Your limiting beliefs show up in conversation. They show up in your mind chatter. They are always present, pulling your attention in one direction or another.

The first limiting belief I faced in my career was believing I had to figure everything out on my own. That I could not afford to get help. As a result, I spent long evenings and weekends reading business books and be my own consultant on every matter imaginable. Thank goodness I finally addressed it! Doing so allowed me to begin rebuilding my life outside of the office.

Having worked with individuals and business owners for 35 years, I have seen first-hand that limiting beliefs are universal. You cannot rise above your mindset. It’s important to check in with yourself every year or two to assess where your beliefs might benefit from a new stretch.

To make it easy, I developed The Prosperous Mind Scorecard. With a couple of clicks, you can download this tool and quickly develop a game plan for growing your capacity to prosper.