We all want to see results from the efforts we put forth.  We want to know if all the sav­ing we have done over the years has made our bank account larg­er, or if the healthy lifestyle we have been liv­ing is mak­ing our clothes fit bet­ter and our ener­gy lev­el increase.  As busi­ness own­ers, we have to ask ourselves:

Are the meet­ings that we have with our team real­ly pay­ing off or are they just anoth­er meeting?

They say that writ­ing down your goals and hav­ing them in front of you is one way to get results.  Anoth­er way to know you are get­ting results is to review what you have accom­plished and cel­e­brate the lit­tle things that bring you one step clos­er to that ulti­mate team goal.  One tool that we use at Mack­ey Advi­sors is what we call the Month­ly Meet­ing Sum­ma­ry and Results Report.  This report is used with each Month­ly Pros­per­i­ty Coach­ing client that we work with.  This tool is sim­ple, but it con­tains a lot of infor­ma­tion that keeps every­one on track.

The Month­ly Meet­ing Sum­ma­ry and Results Report is com­plet­ed and sent out to each team mem­ber once the meet­ing is over.  The first sec­tion is where you will list your agen­da for the meet­ing.  We like to begin the meet­ings by ask­ing the ques­tion “Have any deci­sions been made since our last meet­ing that the team needs to know about?”  This ensures that there is open com­mu­ni­ca­tion with every­one.  The next cou­ple of sec­tions list the com­pa­nies Vision, Make or Break, and Com­pa­ny Goals.  These sec­tions serve as reminders to every­one what the team is work­ing towards and keeps every­one accountable.

The remain­ing sec­tion of the Month­ly Meet­ing Sum­ma­ry and Results report is where we list the fol­low-ups from the meet­ing and the results that we are see­ing.  They are as follows:

  • Tasks to be com­plet­ed before the next month­ly meet­ing – Hav­ing these tasks writ­ten down and in one place enables each team mem­ber to hold oth­ers accountable.
  • Actions in Process — These are some things that are not able to be achieved in one month so we track the progress monthly.
  • Upcom­ing Deci­sions to be Made – Short-Ter­m/­Long Term – Some items do not need to be dis­cussed each month but need to be on the radar of each team member.
  • Deci­sions Made and/or Reaf­firmed – Track­ing what you have accom­plished (good or bad) is what helps you to grow and be successful.
  • Ben­e­fits and Results (Time and Mon­ey Gained) – This is where efforts are cel­e­brat­ed and hav­ing it in front of every­one gives the assur­ance that the time spent is well worth it!
  • Trends, Oppor­tu­ni­ties, Com­ments – If any trends or oppor­tu­ni­ties are dis­cussed we want to be sure to track them to deter­mine if future action is required.

You want every­one on your team to be excit­ed about what they are doing and that their time and efforts are worth it.  What bet­ter way to do this by show­ing them the results!