We all want to see results from the efforts we put forth.  We want to know if all the saving we have done over the years has made our bank account larger, or if the healthy lifestyle we have been living is making our clothes fit better and our energy level increase.  As business owners, we have to ask ourselves:

Are the meetings that we have with our team really paying off or are they just another meeting?

They say that writing down your goals and having them in front of you is one way to get results.  Another way to know you are getting results is to review what you have accomplished and celebrate the little things that bring you one step closer to that ultimate team goal.  One tool that we use at Mackey Advisors is what we call the Monthly Meeting Summary and Results Report.  This report is used with each Monthly Prosperity Coaching client that we work with.  This tool is simple, but it contains a lot of information that keeps everyone on track.

The Monthly Meeting Summary and Results Report is completed and sent out to each team member once the meeting is over.  The first section is where you will list your agenda for the meeting.  We like to begin the meetings by asking the question “Have any decisions been made since our last meeting that the team needs to know about?”  This ensures that there is open communication with everyone.  The next couple of sections list the companies Vision, Make or Break, and Company Goals.  These sections serve as reminders to everyone what the team is working towards and keeps everyone accountable.

The remaining section of the Monthly Meeting Summary and Results report is where we list the follow-ups from the meeting and the results that we are seeing.  They are as follows:

  • Tasks to be completed before the next monthly meeting – Having these tasks written down and in one place enables each team member to hold others accountable.
  • Actions in Process – These are some things that are not able to be achieved in one month so we track the progress monthly.
  • Upcoming Decisions to be Made – Short-Term/Long Term – Some items do not need to be discussed each month but need to be on the radar of each team member.
  • Decisions Made and/or Reaffirmed – Tracking what you have accomplished (good or bad) is what helps you to grow and be successful.
  • Benefits and Results (Time and Money Gained) – This is where efforts are celebrated and having it in front of everyone gives the assurance that the time spent is well worth it!
  • Trends, Opportunities, Comments – If any trends or opportunities are discussed we want to be sure to track them to determine if future action is required.

You want everyone on your team to be excited about what they are doing and that their time and efforts are worth it.  What better way to do this by showing them the results!