With so much content coming at us on a daily basis from TV, Magazines, Radio, Websites & Blogs it’s hard to know where to turn for valuable, honest & entertaining information.  I have scoured (googled) the internet for the best (first page results) green blogs out there and this is what I found….

  • Coming in at numero uno on the hippy hardcore scale is “No Impact Man” a blog started by Colin Beavan in 2007 when he and his family decided to go off the grid for 1 year in the middle of NYC.  Since then there has been a “No Impact Man” book & movie.  Below is a link to an article on how to setup & maintain your own worm composting operation. No Impact Man: Worm Composting
  • Second on my list is a hard-working DIY blog called “Young House Love”.  Sherry & John Petersik are full-time bloggers.  They do not consider their site a green blog, but they have a love of reuse & a fair amount of articles about how to green up your current space.  Below is an article they wrote about how to make your own rain barrel. Young House Love: How to Make a Rain Barrel 
  • Last, but not least is a fun, free spirited blog composed of small, crafty green activities to keep you and/or your children entertained.  The link below goes to an entry on how to make your own bat house.  Bats are a great green way of keeping the unwanted insect population down around your home. Crafting a Green World: Build a Bat House in Your Backyard

Whatever your green goals are there is a blog out there for you.  Go to Technorati.com to find more blogs that may tickle your fancy.