In her new book, The Pros­per­i­ty Play­book, our CEO Mack­ey McNeill, writes about the dif­fer­ence between walk­ing over a swing­ing bridge and a steel bridge. Even for the thrill-seek­ers among us, the thought of tra­vers­ing a swing­ing bridge brings but­ter­flies to our stom­ach and a feel­ing of height­en aware­ness about every­thing that feels unstable.

When I con­jure this image of a swing­ing bridge in my head my imme­di­ate thoughts go to my hand & foot place­ment, grip strength, weath­er con­di­tions, and over­all “health” of the bridge. I’m not look­ing at the beau­ti­ful scenery around me or what my next pas­sion project will be. I am sole­ly focused on mak­ing it across this bridge ALIVE.

Then I think about the last time I was walk­ing the Brook­lyn Bridge. I paid no atten­tion to where my hands and feet were. I was just com­plete­ly entranced by the design & pat­tern of the cabling sys­tem, the views of One World Trade Cen­ter and the ener­gy of the oth­er tourists, street ven­dors and per­form­ers.  My mind was free to be in awe, make con­nects and take in the moment.

This is the dif­fer­ence between how it feels to have a sol­id busi­ness struc­ture and a shaky one. You have sys­tems, process­es and struc­tures to deliv­er to your prod­ucts or ser­vices to your clients/customers. Shouldn’t you have just as sol­id a foun­da­tion for deliv­er­ing your­self the busi­ness results you want?

When you think of your busi­ness life, do you feel like you are on a steel bridge or a swing­ing one? Or some­where in between? If you don’t feel com­plete­ly con­fi­dent in your busi­ness struc­ture you are doing your­self and your busi­ness a dis­ser­vice. When you have to hyper­fo­cus on where your metaphor­i­cal hands & feet are or which way the wind might blow you are using all of your big beau­ti­ful brain pow­er to not die (again, metaphor­i­cal­ly). And that’s no way for a busi­ness own­er to oper­ate. The busi­ness own­er is the cre­ative force with­in the com­pa­ny. It is your job to set vision, dri­ve sales growth, instill your val­ues in your peo­ple, build a rock­star cul­ture and ensure the ENTIRE busi­ness is built out of steel, not just one tiny piece.

If you are feel­ing a bit like you are walk­ing on a swing­ing bridge I encour­age you to down­load two of our tools.

  1. You Are Here: A Sat­is­fac­tion Inven­to­ry for busi­ness own­ers to help you gauge where you might be feel­ing unsafe.
  2. Our Finan­cial Fac­tors Score­card to assess the basic func­tions of your finan­cial oper­at­ing sys­tem and where you might be lack­ing sol­id structure.