In her new book, The Prosperity Playbook, our CEO Mackey McNeill, writes about the difference between walking over a swinging bridge and a steel bridge. Even for the thrill-seekers among us, the thought of traversing a swinging bridge brings butterflies to our stomach and a feeling of heighten awareness about everything that feels unstable.

When I conjure this image of a swinging bridge in my head my immediate thoughts go to my hand & foot placement, grip strength, weather conditions, and overall “health” of the bridge. I’m not looking at the beautiful scenery around me or what my next passion project will be. I am solely focused on making it across this bridge ALIVE.

Then I think about the last time I was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I paid no attention to where my hands and feet were. I was just completely entranced by the design & pattern of the cabling system, the views of One World Trade Center and the energy of the other tourists, street vendors and performers.  My mind was free to be in awe, make connects and take in the moment.

This is the difference between how it feels to have a solid business structure and a shaky one. You have systems, processes and structures to deliver to your products or services to your clients/customers. Shouldn’t you have just as solid a foundation for delivering yourself the business results you want?

When you think of your business life, do you feel like you are on a steel bridge or a swinging one? Or somewhere in between? If you don’t feel completely confident in your business structure you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. When you have to hyperfocus on where your metaphorical hands & feet are or which way the wind might blow you are using all of your big beautiful brain power to not die (again, metaphorically). And that’s no way for a business owner to operate. The business owner is the creative force within the company. It is your job to set vision, drive sales growth, instill your values in your people, build a rockstar culture and ensure the ENTIRE business is built out of steel, not just one tiny piece.

If you are feeling a bit like you are walking on a swinging bridge I encourage you to download two of our tools.

  1. You Are Here: A Satisfaction Inventory for business owners to help you gauge where you might be feeling unsafe.
  2. Our Financial Factors Scorecard to assess the basic functions of your financial operating system and where you might be lacking solid structure.