I am the baby in my family. My sibling was born a little less than a year before I was, and we have been inseparable our whole lives. My name is Sarah Grace, my sibling’s name is Mackey Advisors. Our mother, Mackey McNeill, created Mackey Advisors 31 years ago. To this day the smell of a freshly painted office and new commercial grade carpet makes me feel like a giddy kid again. I remember playing spy in the elevators at our first office in Ft. Mitchell. I made coloring books on the binding machine, played Oregon Trail on the only computer in the office, and used the remnants of the three hole punch as confetti on New Year’s Eve.

Sarah Grace and MackeyWe had a classic big “brother”, little sister relationship. Mackey Advisors protected me, and sometimes I begrudgingly did my older sibling chores. I filed the files, made photocopies, and got a penny per envelope I stuffed when mailings had to go out. I also got jealous from time to time when I had to share my mother’s time with my sibling, or when I was dragged to business event after business event. But in the end, I love my older sibling.

I came back to work for Mackey Advisors in 2009. I was finally grown up enough to do “big kid stuff.” I took over the role of Operations and Communications Manager, and I am uniquely qualified for this role. I mean, OF COURSE I am! I grew up within the walls of Mackey Advisors. I have a connection to this company only bested by my Mother, who imagined my “sibling” into existence. I have an innate sense of what we do, why we do it, and I feel as if I can see into the “soul” of Mackey Advisors.  

So, how can this little tale of twins be beneficial to your family business? Simply put, your children have known (and will learn) more about your business that you may think. I am sure they can recount stories of your frustrations and triumphs told over the dinner table. Growing up so close to a business gives the 2nd generation an insight into the inner workings of a business that is invaluable. The business becomes a part of who you are, or at least it did for me. So the next time you are working on your messaging, thinking of launching a new product, or trying to streamline your processes, look to your children. They may surprise you!

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