Weddings, i6963039n general, are expensive.  Sorry parents and young couples of the world hosting an extravagant party this summer, but there is little you can do now to save money.  Instead, I am talking to those who were invited to your wedding and have yet to get wedding gifts.  These people still have a shot!

Group Gifts

Most people don’t register for a $400 mixer because it looks nice, although they can be very decorative.  Couples register for the expensive things because they want those things–at least they want it while playing laser tag with the scanner at Macy’s.  So instead of having rich aunt Sally pay for it, go in with some friends and buy the KitchenAid Kf26M22 Professional 600 Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl in Sugar Pearl Silver.  Who knew a mixer needed ten speeds?

Homemade Gifts

I can’t tell you how many times small furniture pieces are on someone’s registry.  $500 for a Pottery Barn End Table seems a bit excessive. The materials for some of these end tables can be bought for less than $100.  I wish I were Bob Villa—or my favorite, Norm Abram—so I could build a nice end table for someone, but I cannot.  So my energies would be more towards a scrapbook describing their relationship over time, gathering the pictures and stories I have from friends and family.

Gift of Service

This is very similar to a homemade gift, but it might be something they can’t take with them.  A chef friend of mine went so far as to help cook the entrees for the reception, so long as the chef could still party once the cooking was complete.  Why stop there?  Bake the cake, take their pictures, file their taxes, etc. So…maybe the last one isn’t as fun, but you get the idea.

Reward Points

Using credit card reward points can be a great way to not spend the money, but I think a better option is to purchase a gift directly from your credit card shopping center.  More often than not, you can get additional points for purchasing from the website.   There are still people, though, who would like to use the reward points.  Some, including Delta SkyMiles American Express, allow you to gift miles to the new couple.  Not a bad way to get the honeymoon started!