Wed­dings, i6963039n gen­er­al, are expen­sive.  Sor­ry par­ents and young cou­ples of the world host­ing an extrav­a­gant par­ty this sum­mer, but there is lit­tle you can do now to save mon­ey.  Instead, I am talk­ing to those who were invit­ed to your wed­ding and have yet to get wed­ding gifts.  These peo­ple still have a shot!

Group Gifts

Most peo­ple don’t reg­is­ter for a $400 mix­er because it looks nice, although they can be very dec­o­ra­tive.  Cou­ples reg­is­ter for the expen­sive things because they want those things–at least they want it while play­ing laser tag with the scan­ner at Macy’s.  So instead of hav­ing rich aunt Sal­ly pay for it, go in with some friends and buy the KitchenAid Kf26M22 Pro­fes­sion­al 600 Stand Mix­er with Glass Bowl in Sug­ar Pearl Sil­ver.  Who knew a mix­er need­ed ten speeds?

Home­made Gifts

I can’t tell you how many times small fur­ni­ture pieces are on someone’s reg­istry.  $500 for a Pot­tery Barn End Table seems a bit exces­sive. The mate­ri­als for some of these end tables can be bought for less than $100.  I wish I were Bob Villa—or my favorite, Norm Abram—so I could build a nice end table for some­one, but I can­not.  So my ener­gies would be more towards a scrap­book describ­ing their rela­tion­ship over time, gath­er­ing the pic­tures and sto­ries I have from friends and family.

Gift of Service

This is very sim­i­lar to a home­made gift, but it might be some­thing they can’t take with them.  A chef friend of mine went so far as to help cook the entrees for the recep­tion, so long as the chef could still par­ty once the cook­ing was com­plete.  Why stop there?  Bake the cake, take their pic­tures, file their tax­es, etc. So…maybe the last one isn’t as fun, but you get the idea.

Reward Points

Using cred­it card reward points can be a great way to not spend the mon­ey, but I think a bet­ter option is to pur­chase a gift direct­ly from your cred­it card shop­ping cen­ter.  More often than not, you can get addi­tion­al points for pur­chas­ing from the web­site.   There are still peo­ple, though, who would like to use the reward points.  Some, includ­ing Delta SkyMiles Amer­i­can Express, allow you to gift miles to the new cou­ple.  Not a bad way to get the hon­ey­moon started!