Are you prosperous? What happens in your daily life that informs you of your prosperity? How do you know you are prospering? What does it feel like? What are you doing today to build your prosperity for tomorrow? Does prosperity involve money? If so, how much? Just as much as possible or enough for you? If prosperity is more than money, what else is it?

Prosperity starts inside, and begins with your intention. When you discover your intention it inspires you. Or to think of it differently, what inspires you can help you discover your intention.

When it all shakes out there are really two ways to live your life.

Photo by Aia Fernandez via Flickr

Photo by Aia Fernandez via Flickr

Path one is about focusing your attention on the crisis or problem of the day. Most of your day is spent reacting to the circumstances life hands you whether it is in your relationships at home or work, to an external event such as good or bad economic news. When you react, you are using your energy in opposition to something. There is something outside yourself that is driving your behavior.

Path two is about focusing your attention on what you want. Path two is being intentional. When engaged in path two your attention is focused on the choices that forward you toward your intention. Life still sends you curve balls and challenges. But instead of reacting to them, you choose your response and you choose your next action. Your actions are aligned with your intention.

Path one can make you wealthy. You don’t have to look inside to be wealthy. You can play the wealth game and win without ever being introspective.

Only path two leads to prosperity. That is because prosperity begins inside. If you are on the path to prosperity you know that the life you are getting is a result of the choices you are making. You know what your intention is, you know what inspires you and you choose to live your most inspired life.

Prosperity includes money and wealth. There are things only money can buy, like health care, housing, travel and education for your kids. You need a level of financial support to meet your basic needs and to fill your aspirations. To be prosperous means you are meeting your basic needs and also fulfilling your aspirations.

In addition to the focus of your attention, the other key difference in path one and two relative to money and wealth is the end game. In path one, the end game is as much as possible, or more than your neighbors, or some other subjective and competitive answer. In path two, the answer is enoughness. Those on the path to prosperity live a life of enoughness. They know what is enough for them. It has nothing to do with more, as much as possible or “keeping up with the Jones”. Enoughness, just like intention and inspiration is an inside job. We know what is enough for us when we look inside.

Path two, the path to prosperity, isn’t competitive. It is cooperative, and assumes there is enough for everyone. If your neighbors’ enoughness point is more than yours, you celebrate with them. It doesn’t diminish who you are or change your enoughness point. You know prosperity is an inside job. You have no judgement about what others want or need. You are focused on what prosperity is for you.

When you live with enoughness you know how much of your life energy you are willing to exchange for money and how much you want to keep for other joys in life, like family, travel, time in nature, with your hobbies or reading a good book. If you end up with more than your enoughness point, you choose again. You aren’t adverse to more. In fact, you celebrate and welcome it. You can choose to add to your personal goals or find a worthy cause or person with whom to share your abundance.

You attract prosperity to you when you are clear on your intent. When you know what your enoughness point is, you have peace in your money life. There is joy in knowing when you no longer have to go to work for money.

How does prosperity feel? When you are prosperous you feel satiated. A state of satiety is about being gratified to or beyond capacity. Can you remember a time when you felt gratified beyond capacity? It happens to me every time I walk out of the woods and look onto the field next to my house. I feel this expanse of wonder and gratitude for all that the earth provides. In that moment, it could not be clearer to me that the universe is an abundant place. My heart is full of gratitude and I feel satiated.

The construct of our world can make it challenging to feel satiated in our money life. TV, radio, billboards, browsing the internet, at every turn, someone is trying to get our attention, often using fear to attract us. Fear is not a foundation for satiety. To disconnect from fear, you have to get grounded and find your inner knowing. Often that requires a disconnect from those things around you that promote fear as a motivator for action. I believe this is why I often feel the most satiated when I am in the woods. The trees, flowers and squirrels aren’t promoting fear, they are just being themselves. That lets me find myself. When I find myself, I find abundance.

Prosperity is regenerative just like the earth. The earth is in a constant state of regenerating. The old becomes the new. The fallen leaves become the new soil. The seeds saved from last year become this year’s new life. As long as we don’t over tax her capacity, the earth is sustaining biological system.

What does it mean to be regenerative in your financial life? When you are regenerative in your financial life you are not asking more of your cash flow and assets than they are capable of producing. If you are working, that means you are living within your paycheck. The only role for debt in a regenerating system is to build assets. Debts like credit card debt that allows you to live beyond your means aren’t in the equation. If you have credit card debt now, the first step to regeneration is to get a plan to get out of debt.

If you are financially independent and living on the assets you accumulated while working, to be regenerative means that you are not withdrawing from your portfolio more than it can produce in return. There are many considerations in that simple statement like the cash returns of the portfolio, the appreciation, and the impact of inflation.

Think of it this way. If you want spring vegetables, you need to save the seed from the prior year. There is always an abundance of seeds. Just cut open any tomato and you will find more seeds than you need to fulfill your yearly supply. But to then turn those seeds into fruit in the coming year you have to first save some seeds. Next, you have to plant the seed and tend it. Then you have to be patient. Save, tend and be patient. Those are the steps for regeneration.

Money works the same way. First, you have to save. Then, you have to tend or invest your money. Lastly, you have to be patient. If you want to have wealth, you have to save, tend and be patient. These aren’t options, they are all required.

Creating prosperity in four steps:

  1. Look inside and find your intention
  2. Know what is enough
  3. Feel satiated
  4. Save, tend and be patient

Like all things worth having, prosperity is a journey. A journey of choosing, of getting off track and getting back on track. A journey that requires your focus. A journey that begins inside with your personal intention.

Regardless of where you are on your prosperity journey, I invite you to release all judgement you have about your past relative to money and wealth. Let go of any negative and unhelpful self talk, and look inside for what inspires you and your intention. Now, enjoy the journey.

In joy,