One of the most pride­ful feel­ings is achiev­ing a goal. You’ve put in the count­less hours, the blood, the sweat and the tears, so now you can jump with joy know­ing that you can cross a goal off your list. The result is all you had hoped it would be and it makes all that hard work worth­while. Now, you are excit­ed to achieve the next goal after that. Since it is such a great feel­ing, wouldn’t it be great to feel that joy more often? One of the biggest key to this suc­cess is under­stand­ing how many goals you should set for your­self. One could think that more goals equals more oppor­tu­ni­ties for suc­cess. How­ev­er, set­ting too many goals can be detri­men­tal to you achiev­ing any of those goals at all.

The aver­age human atten­tion span is short-lived to say the least. On aver­age, our atten­tion span lasts about eight sec­onds, which is actu­al­ly less than the atten­tion span of a gold­fish at nine sec­onds. We are con­stant­ly sur­round­ed by infor­ma­tion. It is already dif­fi­cult for most of us to be mind­ful to every­thing that sur­rounds us, let alone add goals to that list. With this infor­ma­tion over­load, hav­ing too many goals would just get lost in the infor­ma­tion dump. So, how many goals should we have?

In my expe­ri­ence, you should only devel­op 3–4 goals that you want to achieve at one time. This allows for the great­est suc­cess as peo­ple gen­er­al­ly achieve all 3–4, bar­ring lack of effort and unrea­son­able­ness. I’ve seen peo­ple set 5–10 goals and typ­i­cal­ly, they are lucky if they achieve a third of them. If you set more than 10 goals, then your chance to achieve any of them is improb­a­ble. We already have a short atten­tion span, so it would make sense that the more that we try to spread our­selves across mul­ti­ple goals, the less of a chance that we have in achiev­ing any of them.

As with most of us, I am sure that there are more than 3–4 goals that we want to accom­plish at any giv­en time. The choice then comes down to what 3–4 goals will have the biggest impact on you and/or your busi­ness. Which achieve­ments will help move the nee­dle clos­er to your end vision? Once the business’s goals are iden­ti­fied, then what are the goals for each per­son to achieve to help the busi­ness meet those goals? Each per­son would typ­i­cal­ly have 1–2 goals or num­bers that they need to meet for the busi­ness goals to be met.

If planned care­ful­ly, these 3–4 goals can have a great impact on your busi­ness. Even though it seems so far away, now is the time to start devel­op­ing these goals and build­ing the bud­get for 2018. If you begin work­ing on this now, then you will be able to put enough thought into the greater good for your busi­ness and keep you focused on the final result. With the prop­er prepa­ra­tion, you can achieve your goals and make 2018 a rock star year.