One of the most prideful feelings is achieving a goal. You’ve put in the countless hours, the blood, the sweat and the tears, so now you can jump with joy knowing that you can cross a goal off your list. The result is all you had hoped it would be and it makes all that hard work worthwhile. Now, you are excited to achieve the next goal after that. Since it is such a great feeling, wouldn’t it be great to feel that joy more often? One of the biggest key to this success is understanding how many goals you should set for yourself. One could think that more goals equals more opportunities for success. However, setting too many goals can be detrimental to you achieving any of those goals at all.

The average human attention span is short-lived to say the least. On average, our attention span lasts about eight seconds, which is actually less than the attention span of a goldfish at nine seconds. We are constantly surrounded by information. It is already difficult for most of us to be mindful to everything that surrounds us, let alone add goals to that list. With this information overload, having too many goals would just get lost in the information dump. So, how many goals should we have?

In my experience, you should only develop 3-4 goals that you want to achieve at one time. This allows for the greatest success as people generally achieve all 3-4, barring lack of effort and unreasonableness. I’ve seen people set 5-10 goals and typically, they are lucky if they achieve a third of them. If you set more than 10 goals, then your chance to achieve any of them is improbable. We already have a short attention span, so it would make sense that the more that we try to spread ourselves across multiple goals, the less of a chance that we have in achieving any of them.

As with most of us, I am sure that there are more than 3-4 goals that we want to accomplish at any given time. The choice then comes down to what 3-4 goals will have the biggest impact on you and/or your business. Which achievements will help move the needle closer to your end vision? Once the business’s goals are identified, then what are the goals for each person to achieve to help the business meet those goals? Each person would typically have 1-2 goals or numbers that they need to meet for the business goals to be met.

If planned carefully, these 3-4 goals can have a great impact on your business. Even though it seems so far away, now is the time to start developing these goals and building the budget for 2018. If you begin working on this now, then you will be able to put enough thought into the greater good for your business and keep you focused on the final result. With the proper preparation, you can achieve your goals and make 2018 a rock star year.