We are liv­ing through a time of dual­i­ty. We must do the BIG work in our busi­ness to take excel when the econ­o­my comes back online, how­ev­er, we need to be fru­gal and man­age our cash heav­i­ly. Many busi­ness­es have already closed up for good. The MACKEY team wants to help in any way we can to min­i­mize the amount of small busi­ness­es that will fail dur­ing this time. Below is a sum­ma­ry of free & paid offer­ings we have at this time.

  1. Free SBA Dis­as­ter Relief appli­ca­tion help. We will help any small busi­ness own­er apply to the SBA pro­gram. Even if your state has yet to request and receive fund­ing you should apply. Even if you do not fore­see your­self need­ing the funds, you should apply. The key to sur­viv­ing this envi­ron­ment is get­ting what you need before you need it.
  2. Free “Cash is King (or Queen): Tools to Help Man­age Your Cash­flow “ Zoom webi­nar on man­ag­ing your cash flow.Please join us on Fri­day, March 20, 2020 12:30 PM‑1:30 PM and again on Wednes­day, March 25, 2020 2:00 PM‑3:00 PM  to learn about our cash head­room & cash fore­cast tool. If you join us for this ses­sion, you will receive the tem­plates to use for your busi­ness, no strings attached.
  3. Free “Busi­ness by Design in 5 Ques­tions” Zoom webi­nar. Join us to walk through one piece of the BIG work you can do dur­ing this time. We will help you facil­i­tate your own deep dive into what you want your busi­ness and your busi­ness life to look like when this is all over. Please join us on Tues­day, March 24, 2020 2:00 PM‑3:00 PM
  4. Free “We’re All In This Togeth­er” webi­nar via Zoom. Join us on Fri­day, March 27, 2020 12:00 PM‑1:00 PM None of us have all the answers, but we all have some answers. Let’s come togeth­er as a com­mu­ni­ty and talk about ways we can help our­selves and our fel­low busi­ness own­ers dur­ing this time.
  5. Cash Flow Man­age­ment and Capac­i­ty Analy­sis. For a one-time fee, we will work with your team to set­up a cash flow analy­sis and pre­dic­tion tool. We will also explore fund­ing options via con­ven­tion­al bank chan­nels and Fed­er­al Emer­gency pro­grams options that con­tin­ue to be devised dai­ly to help small busi­ness emerge from this cri­sis and be more resilient as a result
  6. Cash Flow Man­age­ment Ongo­ing Sup­port. For a fixed month­ly fee, we will set­up the cash flow analy­sis & pre­dic­tion tool as well as update it and meet with you week­ly on what you should be doing to con­serve cash. This work includes help­ing you mod­el & under­stand the rev­enue loss your busi­ness may expe­ri­ence in the short-term and long-term future.



Is this needed? 

In this time of great eco­nom­ic uncer­tain­ty for small busi­ness­es in Amer­i­ca it is impor­tant to remain res­olute and con­tin­ue to forge ahead.  There will be busi­ness­es that do not emerge from this envi­ron­ment and it won’t be out a lack of sales or lack of prof­its but a lack CASH (or access to cash).  As part of a the Cash Flow Man­age­ment and Capac­i­ty Analy­sis offered by MACKEY, let our bank­ing expert with over 20 years in the indus­try help your busi­ness explore fund­ing options via con­ven­tion­al bank chan­nels and Fed­er­al Emer­gency pro­grams options that con­tin­ue to be devised dai­ly to help small busi­ness emerge from this cri­sis and be more resilient as a result.

SBA’s Eco­nom­ic Injury Dis­as­ter Loans offer up to $2 mil­lion in assis­tance for a small busi­ness. These loans can pro­vide vital eco­nom­ic sup­port to small busi­ness­es to help over­come the tem­po­rary loss of rev­enue they are expe­ri­enc­ing.  Eco­nom­ic Injury Dis­as­ter Loans “EIDL” issued by the SBA are made avail­able to small busi­ness­es to help alle­vi­ate eco­nom­ic injury caused by the Coro­n­avirus (COVID-19). Cur­rent­ly EIDL loans are avail­able in States that have sought eco­nom­ic dis­as­ter relief sta­tus spe­cif­ic to COVID-19.  As of March 17, 2002, New Mex­i­co, Cal­i­for­nia, Wash­ing­ton, Maine, Con­necti­cut, Neva­da, Rhode Island, Utah and The Dis­trict of Colum­bia have sought and received such designation.

EIDL loans can be a vital cash flow tool dur­ing this time of liq­uid­i­ty uncer­tain­ty.  EIDL can help meet fixed debt pay­ments, pay­roll, accounts payable and oth­er bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact.  The most recent Inter­est rates (3/17) for EIDL loans is 3.75% for small busi­ness­es with­out cred­it avail­able else­where and there are NO SBA FEES for access­ing this pro­gram.  SBA offers loans with long-term repay­ments in order to keep pay­ments afford­able, up to a max­i­mum of 30 years.

The com­mer­cial loan mar­ket is poised to pro­vide cash­flow back into the busi­ness sec­tor pri­mar­i­ly in the form of low­er month­ly inter­est rate envi­ron­ments on new fixed rate loan prod­ucts.   The low­er inter­est rate envi­ron­ment is an effort by the Fed­er­al Reserve’s cen­tral bank to pro­vide eco­nom­ic stim­u­lus to busi­ness own­ers through mon­e­tary pol­i­cy actions (i.e. rate cuts).  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, busi­ness­es in longer term fixed rate debt struc­tures will be unable to par­tic­i­pate in the Fed’s intend­ed stim­u­lus pack­age.  MACKEY would like to assist bor­row­ers in devel­op­ing strate­gies that will cre­ate incre­men­tal cash­flow wins for your busi­ness and take full advan­tage of the Government’s inter­est rate stim­u­lus plan.   A 30-minute review of your company’s cur­rent debt oblig­a­tions with our MACKEY team mem­ber could result in addi­tion­al cash­flow to help fund your busi­ness oper­a­tions.  Robert LaMothe, our newest team mem­ber, has over 15 years of bank­ing expe­ri­ence and is ready to lead these con­ver­sa­tions with you and your finance team.