When I tell peo­ple of my inter­est and involve­ment in local food, cook­ing, herbs and gar­den­ing, their response is almost always the same: ”How do you find the time?”

Since I have the same 24 hours a day that we all receive, I real­ly have no idea. The truth is I focus on what is impor­tant to me. I nur­ture the activ­i­ties that give me ener­gy, gen­er­ate ful­fill­ment, inspire enthu­si­asm and feel like a con­tri­bu­tion to oth­ers. Some­how time takes care of itself.

We have learned to think of life as two dimen­sion­al, divid­ed into work time and play time.  “Work” is gen­er­al­ly regard­ed as some­thing we show up to do every day for a pay­check.  We work at our busi­ness­es or job and we play when we are not at work. I do get a pay­check at work, but with the excep­tion of that detail the lines between work and play are very blur­ry for me.

Yes, I work.  Sort of.  I have an office, title, a com­pa­ny to run, clients to take care of, and strat­e­gy to imple­ment. These are just a few of my roles at Mack­ey Advi­sors.  Yet, except for the fact that call­ing it work is a habit, it does not feel like “work”.

I love what I do.  As the Mack­ey Advi­sors’ team works with clients, I wit­ness them gain­ing more finan­cial free­dom, con­fi­dence and pow­er.  The results are enliven­ing and ful­fill­ing.  Being part of a team achiev­ing results like this does not feel like “work” to me.  I feel blessed by what I do because I know that oth­ers are blessed by our work.  If I had 30 hours a day sud­den­ly giv­en to me, I would spend more time and ener­gy at Mack­ey Advi­sors just because it is fun.

Then there is the part of my life called home, fun, play.  That is enliven­ing too.  To be a part of Red­Sun­flower Farm is also what many peo­ple would call “work. “  I “work” in the green­house and plant in the raised beds. I cook amaz­ing food grown in our annu­al and peren­ni­al beds. I get to walk and play with my three big dogs, Wiley, Jedi and Bax­ter.  Since there is always some­thing to do, I rarely sit down at home except to eat or read.  But it doesn’t feel like “work.”

I feel blessed to be sur­round­ed by an ever-chang­ing por­trait cre­at­ed by Moth­er Earth each day.  When I think of Red­Sun­flower Farm, I think of nur­tur­ing not only the land, but also my own body and soul. This is not “work.”  It is enliven­ing and fulfilling.

I have been blessed with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate a life filled with soul. This means that every facet of my life gives me ener­gy, nur­tures me in some spe­cial and unique way, and brings me joy.  Liv­ing life from this per­spec­tive, time takes care of itself.

May you always have time in your life for those things that enliv­en and nur­ture you.