When I tell people of my interest and involvement in local food, cooking, herbs and gardening, their response is almost always the same: ”How do you find the time?”

Since I have the same 24 hours a day that we all receive, I really have no idea. The truth is I focus on what is important to me. I nurture the activities that give me energy, generate fulfillment, inspire enthusiasm and feel like a contribution to others. Somehow time takes care of itself.

We have learned to think of life as two dimensional, divided into work time and play time.  “Work” is generally regarded as something we show up to do every day for a paycheck.  We work at our businesses or job and we play when we are not at work. I do get a paycheck at work, but with the exception of that detail the lines between work and play are very blurry for me.

Yes, I work.  Sort of.  I have an office, title, a company to run, clients to take care of, and strategy to implement. These are just a few of my roles at Mackey Advisors.  Yet, except for the fact that calling it work is a habit, it does not feel like “work”.

I love what I do.  As the Mackey Advisors’ team works with clients, I witness them gaining more financial freedom, confidence and power.  The results are enlivening and fulfilling.  Being part of a team achieving results like this does not feel like “work” to me.  I feel blessed by what I do because I know that others are blessed by our work.  If I had 30 hours a day suddenly given to me, I would spend more time and energy at Mackey Advisors just because it is fun.

Then there is the part of my life called home, fun, play.  That is enlivening too.  To be a part of RedSunflower Farm is also what many people would call “work. “  I “work” in the greenhouse and plant in the raised beds. I cook amazing food grown in our annual and perennial beds. I get to walk and play with my three big dogs, Wiley, Jedi and Baxter.  Since there is always something to do, I rarely sit down at home except to eat or read.  But it doesn’t feel like “work.”

I feel blessed to be surrounded by an ever-changing portrait created by Mother Earth each day.  When I think of RedSunflower Farm, I think of nurturing not only the land, but also my own body and soul. This is not “work.”  It is enlivening and fulfilling.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to create a life filled with soul. This means that every facet of my life gives me energy, nurtures me in some special and unique way, and brings me joy.  Living life from this perspective, time takes care of itself.

May you always have time in your life for those things that enliven and nurture you.