my happiness projectHow do I make my schedule flexible and rigid, at the same time!?  How can I put in more of what I need, take out what doesn’t serve me, and get happier?

Some weeks of the month are much busier for me than others. So, it seemed like a logical place to begin was breaking my month down by busy weeks and non-busy weeks. Then all I needed to do was fit missing activities in during the less busy times.

Nope, that wasn’t the best place to begin. I came to realize that the best place to start was with the delete button. I needed to eliminate all the activities that I didn’t enjoy and that were a waste of my time.  No matter how small the time commitment, or how trivial the task, I am resolved to eliminating things that no longer add to my happiness.  I have always tried to get new habits into my life by adding them.  In order to add, I must free up some space!

Ok, here we go, inventorying the daily, weekly and monthly calendar; here is what I came up with.

  • Resign one volunteer commitment
  • Transition some of my direct client work to others
  • Work with my assistant to tame my email

Wow, there really isn’t a lot on my calendar that I don’t love.  That, in and of itself, was a revelation.  If I went back 5 years, I am sure I would find a laundry list of things that didn’t make me happy on my calendar. 

The first two of these were surprisingly easy.  While I really enjoy giving of my time and energy to organizations I am passionate about, I cannot keep giving to the detriment of my own organization, family, and life.  Transitioning some client work will take time to train and work with others, but in the long run, my team will add capacity and talent which ends up being net positive!  The absolute hardest task will be the taming of my email……. Stay tuned. 


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