One of my favorite people, Julie Bauke, The Happiness Career Coach, gave me a book on Happiness as a present on International Happiness day.   I already consider myself a happy person. What could I learn from a book on happiness?  After reading the intro to the book, just the into, I came to several conclusions

  • I could be happier
  • By focusing on happiness I would become happier
  • That being happier was part mind over matter, but it was also taking concrete actions
  • That being happier was a worthwhile goal

my happiness projectI am a goal oriented person.  I like having goals and accomplishing them.  Like getting the gold star in manners class, there is pride in being recognized for a job well done. But as I look deeper into my goal setting habits, I found a skeleton in the closet.  My goals are often shrouded by words like, should, ought to and need to.  What if instead, I took on goals from the perspective of, will they make me happier?

I haven’t done it yet, but just thinking about it makes me a bit giddy.  I know from experience that perspective, or intention, matters in everything in life.  So changing my goal setting perspective from what should I do, to what will make my happier, could be wildly transformational!


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