Holidays are a great way to spend time with your family & friends, but it is also a time for buying excessive decorative items & clothing you don’t need.  Here are a few ways to green up your Halloween…

  1. Instead of buying new costumes and decorative items this Halloween organize a swap with your friends, neighbors and family.
  2.  To reduce your carbon footprint take your kids trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood, or carpool if it is necessary to travel. 
  3. Use your plastic grocery bags, reusable shopping bags, or old pillow cases to carry the kiddo’s candy stash.
  4. If you choose to give candy, try to buy locally!  Check out Findlay Market, or Schneider’s Candy for some yummy Cincinnati treats.  If you are looking for non-candy treats pick up some temporary tattoos, stickers, or crayons.
  5. Keep Mother Earth clean and teach your kids a lesson in littering by having a separate bag to pick up rouge candy wrappers while trick-or-treating.
  6.  Make homemade Halloween decorations from household items like tin cans, glass jars, plastic containers and toilet paper rolls. Click here for some ideas.
  7. And don’t forget the greenest decoration of all!  Jack-o-lanterns!