Tis’ the season for giving gifts, spreading joy & living in excess! 

Ikea Holiday Decor

Here are 10 tips on how to become a lean, green holiday machine.

  1. We all love getting holiday cards in the mail, but this year save a tree and some money by sending out e-cards to your loved ones.
  2. If your family will gather around a tree this year why not make it a potted, living tree that you can either keep around for next year, or plant in the backyard as a reminder of a great holiday spent together?
  3. Purchase LED lights to make your tree sparkle!  I will admit they take some getting use to, but you will be thankful when you energy bill comes due.
  4. Make your own ornaments from dough. This is a great activity for the whole family to take part in, and it only costs pennies. 
  5. Pine cones can be used in all sorts of nifty ways.  They can be made into a beautiful, inexpensive centerpiece with just a little spray paint or glitter, you can make bird feeders out of them with some peanut butter & bird seed, or you can give them as gifts by dipping them in candle wax to be used as a fire starter.
  6. Plan a holiday decoration swap meet!  Invite your friends and family over to exchange their unwanted decorations.  This is a great way to have fun, save money & get new-to-you decorations!
  7. Buy carbon offsets as a gift for friends & family who are traveling for the holiday season.
  8. Green your gift giving by hand making your own, re-gifting items, or buying LOCAL and/or battery-free gifts.
  9. For more green gifting ideas you can visit treehugger.com and look through their 2012 Gift Guide.
  10. After acquiring all of your groovy, green gifts remember to go light on the wrapping.  Get inventive with your wrapping techniques.  Use items around the house to make your own wrapping, or buy recycled wrapping paper.


Happy Holidays everyone!